Starting a Free Trial on iOS


You can create an account on iOS after downloading the app.  The process will be similar to creating an account on the desktop app or online (see Creating an account on iOS or Creating an Account) until the account has been created.  On the iOS app, your free trial does not automatically start.  You can browse the app for free but you cannot start a workout without a valid trial or subscription.  

 Please note:  Deleting the app will not end a subscription.  You must cancel your subscription to prevent further billing.  Cancelling Your Subscription


Starting a Free Trial

There are 2 ways to start a free trial.  

1.  Starting your free trial online

Log in at and select Manage Account from the dropdown box on your user icon.  



You will see an option to start your free trial:  Click Start Now. This will activate your 14-day free trial on iOS. You do not need to provide payment information or select a subscription for this 14-day trial. You can return here to set up a subscription at any time. 


Please note that by managing your account online, rather than on iOS, you will not be able to use Apple Pay. However, you will be able to choose the monthly or yearly subscription plan, use coupons, and obtain support from The Minions for any account-related issues.  


2.  Starting your free trial from the iOS app

The 14-day free trial will be activated when a subscription is created using Apple Pay through the In-App Payment. You can access the payment page by clicking on a video, or by going into Settings and selecting Start Now on Manage Subscription. You will need to enter payment details for the free trial to be activated.  


 If you wish to start and manage your subscription at, you will need to cancel any subscription or trial that you started on Apple Pay and go to to subscribe.  Please note that the annual subscription rate and coupons are not available on Apple Pay through In-App Purchases.  



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