Why Isn't My CTL Going Up?


We don't focus a lot on the CTL number since we have a few other things going on. The example to keep in mind as we dig into this is: “You can go from 15 hours of Z2 riding to 8 hours with high-intensity efforts and your CTL will remain the same, but your fitness will not.”

  1. With 4DP the TSS numbers from workouts can vary quite a lot depending on your 4DP profile. This means that when you actually do the workout your results most likely won't match the prescribed amounts. This really depends on what your workout targets are set at. So when you are looking at the graph prior to doing the workouts in the plan you may not see much change.
    1. Part of the design behind the weakness based plans is knowing that certain workouts will be lower TSS for a given rider type. That is not something that shows up with all FTP based TSS values.
    2. Check out this article on how IF and TSS are changed when 4DP is in place.
  2. We don't assign TSS to the strength workouts but as you work through the plan your training load will increase as you do longer and longer strength workouts. We aren't accounting for that in the numbers that the plan shows.

We are fully confident that you will become a stronger cyclist with our plans. We just do things a bit differently than what the Training Peaks graphs are able to show at this point.

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