Bluetooth Sensors and Devices


Which Equipment Do I Need?

In most cases you don't need any additional hardware to connect your devices using Bluetooth.  you will, however, need a device that is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer.  Please review our minimum hardware requirements here.

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Any iOS device that is compatible with The Sufferfest app will support Bluetooth device connections.


You will need a Mac that supports at least Bluetooth 4.0 in order to connect your devices to it.


For Bluetooth connections on Windows computers you will need Windows 10 Creators Version (version 15063) or newer.

Note: We have not tested the use of any USB Bluetooth adaptors with The Sufferfest app on a Windows computer.  We can confirm, however, that the Bluegigga USB dongle is not compatible with The Sufferfest app on Windows. Most USB BT dongles do not seem to work consistently, so we do not recommend them.  We recommend using ANT+ instead.  ANT+ Sensors and Devices

Connecting Your Bluetooth Devices To The Sufferfest App

So your device is compatible with The Sufferfest app and Bluetooth; now what?  It's easy, just follow the steps in our device connections article to get your sensors connected to the app.

Having Trouble?

If you need further help, please submit a help request here.

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