Device Connections


Getting Started

For instructions on how to properly connect your trainer, please refer to the Trainer Compatibility and Connection Helper. 


This article will help you connect your other sensors to the app.


In order for the app to report data, sensors will need to be connected to the app from the device connections screen in the workout player.  

To Start:

Please select your workout from the Calendar or the Workout list and press the Play or Start button.  




This will launch the Device Connections screen.  If your screen does not open automatically, please tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your page. 




Figure 1

Note: Ant+ support is not available on iOS devices.  When viewing this menu in iOS you will not see the Ant+ icon at the top of the menu.  

Please review this help article for more information on iOS Ant+ connections.

Finding And Selecting Devices

 1.  Click the 'Add Devices' button in the DEVICES tab of the menu (Figure 2)



Figure 2

2.  A new menu will open that shows the devices that are available to connect.  Click the 'Connect' option next to each device that you would like to add.  You can now click the 'X' in the top left of this menu or click the 'Hide Devices' button to close it (Figure 3).

Note: Depending on whether you have Bluetooth, Ant+, or both enabled you will see some animation next to the Bluetooth and Ant+ icons.  This means that the app is looking for connections.


Figure 3

3.  With your sensors connected, you can now choose how The Sufferfest app uses those sensors.  Make note of the connection icons below the sensor name (Figure 4).  We will cover what each of these icons means below. 

Note: When the app sees a smart trainer you will also see a 'Settings' section at the bottom of its box in the menu.  Clicking on this will allow you to select between Erg and Level modes (Figure 4).


Figure 4

4.  Once you have your sensors connected and their connection type selected you are ready to ride.  To close the SETTINGS menu just click the 'X' in the top right of the screen.

Connection Icons



If you have a Climb connected to your KICKR you will see this option


Trainer Control

If you have an interactive smart trainer and you are connected with Bluetooth or Ant+ FE-C you should see this option



Power can come from a smart trainer, power meter, or Virtual Watts setup



Cadence can come from a cadence sensor, power meter, or in some cases a smart trainer



We use virtual speed to calculate speed in The Sufferfest app.  See this article for some more information on how we make this happen


Heart Rate

Heart rate can be captured using any compatible heart rate monitor



Still Stuck?

If you need further help, please, submit a help request here.

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