Workouts Are Now Too Hard or Easy


To successfully implement your 4DP™ metrics, we have had to go through every single workout and make alterations to the power targets. Several workouts (The Wretched, The Hunted, HHNF) were designed to be singular smash-fests that require you to be very fresh (or to have an FT set a little too low) to successfully complete on a regular bases.

When we went through each workout, we first identified the “training goal” of that video, then altered the targets to utilize 4DP™ metrics to ensure it is the best workout FOR THAT TRAINING GOAL.  The best workout is not always one that is borderline impossible to finish.  Several workouts have essentially become “easier” but they are now BETTER workouts to help you get faster.  

For many users you might now have a “Lower” FTP than you did with RG.  Your new FF based FTP is much more accurate.  If you were someone who struggled with every long sustained SUF video, chances are your FTP was artificially high.  Your fitness might not have changed at all between RG and FF, but with a “Lower” FTP, these videos would be “easier” even without the full 4DP™ alterations.

What is important to remember is that these workouts are now fine tuned to give you the best training stimulus, and sometimes that means a workout might be “easier” than it was in the past.

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