I Don't Agree With My Rider Type?


While we are very confident with our Rider Type algorithms, they still have some limitations. The main one comes from a well-paced FF attempt.  Often times an error in just 1 of the 4 max efforts can drastically alter your Rider Type.  While we do have enough data to differentiate Rider Types between males and females, we do not yet have enough data to accommodate for how age alters the “cut-off” points for the different Rider Types.  This is something we will be able to address once we have several thousand Sufferlandrians complete FF.  

At this time we are not sharing how we develop rider types.  This secret formula is locked in a vault deep within the caves of Mt. Sufferlandria.  You cannot manually change the FF values in the settings page of the App to see how you rider type might change.  We do this for your own good.  Sometimes, we think we know what we want to be; meaning, you are classified as a "Climber" but really want to be a "Time Trialist."  By allowing you to adjust the numbers in the App to see what it would take to become a Time Trialist would be counterproductive.  We do have training plans that will help build your strengths or focus on your weaknesses. If you want specific help with changing rider types you can also take advantage of one of our SUFCoaching Customised Plans, which come with a money-back guarantee.

The important thing to understand is that your rider type is the makeup of all your numbers.  Maybe you always wanted to be a climber, but your rider type is Sprinter.  Regardless of what that 5-second number looks like, that number is bigger as a percentage to your overall numbers.  You may have a natural talent for sprinting as related to your other numbers.  We are not saying you are going to beat everyone in your local club ride when the town-sign sprint comes up.  We are saying when looking at your numbers as a whole, you are better at sprinting than you are at anything else.  

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