Why Mental Training?


Bike, Body, and Mind!

Screenshot_2017-06-20_15.22.01.png Welcome to The Sufferfest Mental Training Programme. I’m Neal Henderson, your coach here at The Sufferfest.  In addition to being the chief architect of The Sufferfest workouts and training plans, I’ve also worked with some of the most successful athletes in endurance sports. Athletes like Taylor Phinney, hour-record holders Evelyn Stevens and Rohan Dennis, as well as multiple national champions, world champions, and Olympic medalists.

Instead of training aimlessly, we’ll give you a clear sense of purpose, stronger motivation, and a renewed sense of self-confidence. By training your mind you’ll be able to more effectively train your body, become a truly complete athlete, and accomplish things you didn’t even realise you were capable of.  

By following along with the Sufferfest Mental Toughness Program, your mental strength will be what powers you through your training plan.  We focus on the key elements to prepare you for whatever life throws in your way.  You will come out of the program mentally stronger with a clear direction.  

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