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The Sufferfest creates the world’s best cycling, running and triathlon videos for individual and group fitness training. Every video features officially licensed footage from professional races like the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and UCI World Championships, creating an extraordinary experience guaranteed to engage, challenge, and entertain riders of all levels.

David McQuillen founded The Sufferfest in 2009 when he was working in banking in Switzerland and looking for a solution to Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome - the curse of cyclists around the globe. Teaching himself how to edit video and after negotiating rights with major race organisers, he created his first ever Sufferfest video - the original version of Downward Spiral. After sharing the video with a few friends, word and Suffering rapidly spread around the globe, and a cult cycling brand was born.

Today, we have a passionate following of ‘Sufferlandrians’ in 70 countries,
a thriving social media community with over 125,000 Facebook followers, critical acclaim as the best training videos in the world, community engagement platforms such as the Tour of Sufferlandria, and partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious cycling organisations and events.

We aspire to be a brand Sufferlandrians can be proud of - so we support causes we believe in. We are the official sponsor of the world’s first all-black African mountain bike team - the UCI registered ACE-Lesotho-MTB Team - and principal sponsor of the UCI Women’s Professional Road Racing World Cup including the unique ‘Suffer Prize’.

Not content to merely transform indoor cycling for the at-home user, we now bring our renowned offering to group fitness through our licensing program for gyms and studios. Since launching in late 2014, there are already over 60 ‘Sufferlandrian Embassies’ in 11 countries, ranging from small independent studios to major gym chains.

For more on Sufferlandrian culture, check out https://thesufferfest.com/pages/visit-sufferlandria.


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