Apple Pay and In App Purchases (iOS)


Apple Pay and In-App Purchases (IAP) are available on iOS (iPhone and iPad). If you choose to use this method of payment, please note that any subscription issues you have will need to be resolved with Apple as we do not have any control over these subscriptions.  

Apple Pay and IAP subscriptions are monthly subscriptions only. Annual subscriptions can only be created by starting your subscription at

Coupons and discounts are not available for Apple Pay and IAP. If you have a coupon, you will need to set up your subscription at This article will provide further instructions on how to do this: Manage your Subscription.

Please note:  Once you've started a subscription, deleting the app will not end your subscription.  You will continue to be billed until you've cancelled your subscription.  Please see this article for instructions on how to proceed:  Cancelling Your Subscription

To Start a Subscription using Apple Pay 

In the iOS app, select Settings at the bottom of the screen, and scroll down to Manage Subscription.  Click on Start Now.



You will be brought to the payment page for Apple Pay.  You will see that there is only a monthly subscription option.  If you wish to subscribe using the discounted annual rate, please manage your subscription at  Your subscription price will be shown in your country's currency.  



This next screenshot shows the price in CAD, which you can verify if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen.




Once you select the subscription, a pop up will appear for you to authorize Apple Pay.  It will look similar to this:  (but in your country's currency)

 Please note that the email account that will appear on this screen with be your Apple ID account and not necessarily the email associated with your Sufferfest account (unless they are the same).  One Apple ID can be used for different Sufferfest accounts, so make sure that you are logged in under the correct account to start your subscription.




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