The "Passport" Tab


Finding the Passport Tab

The Passport Tab will take you to your personal training and activity history.  This is where you'll see who you are as a rider, where you've been, and what you've achieved!

You can find your Passport by clicking on the Passport tab from any screen in the app, except the workout player.  



The Passport Profile 

Clicking on the Passport tab will open up here.  

1- There's a navigation bar on the left to get to the different pages in your passport.

2- You'll see your Rider Type, along with a general description of what that means.  There is also a link to learn more about your rider type and other rider types.  If you have not completed the 4DP: Full Frontal test, this area will have links and useful information to help you learn about 4DP and prepare for the test.


Scroll down a bit.  

1- If you've completed 4DP: Full Frontal, you'll see a graph with your results.  There's a link here to an article that explains how to interpret the graph.  (Hint- we are only comparing you to yourself!)

2- You can toggle between different test dates to compare your results over time.



Scroll down a little more!

This section will talk about your strength and your weakness.  There are workouts that will be linked that will highlight those for you.  While these workouts will stress your weakness, they are not the only ones you should be doing!  We recommend following a training plan in order to build all 4 Dimensions of your power profile.  Your training plans are optimized to take into account your 4 Dimensional Power Profile and to get you to your goals in the most efficient and effective way.  



The Passport Activities 

Now, scroll back up to the top of the page, and click on the Activities tab in the navigation bar on the left.

You'll see every workout that you've completed and saved in this section.  

1- Each workout contains brief details you can see as you scroll through the list:  date, duration, distance and TSS score.  You can search and sort this list using the features in the bar at the top.

2- Once you select a workout from the Activities list, you will see details in the box on the right.  As you scroll down, you'll see graphs for all the metrics you've recorded, and an option at the bottom to add a workout note.  Activities can be shared from this page also.  For more information on how to do that, check out this article



The Passport Awards 

The Awards tab will show you all the badges that you've earned. 


 The Passport Records 

Under the Records tab, you'll see Badass Power Records and Sessions Completed.

1- Badass Power Records shows the highest power records from all of your workouts.  If you've somehow created some unusual records due to glitches, poor calibration or other means, you can only delete your power records by deleting the offending workout.  

2- The Sessions Completed tabs is a list of all workouts in the app.  You'll see them grouped under the workout type.  Click on the bar for each workout type to access the detailed list. (see image below)


Under the Sessions Completed section, clicking on each workout tab will open a detailed list of all the workouts in the app.  Ever wonder how many times you've done Violator?  This is the place!  




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