Internet Connection Requirements



  • To download our videos into the app and play them later without an internet connection, you can use just about any connection speed...slower connections will just take longer.
  • To stream our videos without a problem, the minimum speed we recommend is 5 megabytes per second (5Mbps).  Our videos are formatted and streaming at 4kbps which means a 5Mbps connection should be enough to get what you need. You can check your internet download speed by going to
  • Please note:  Internet connection speed is divided by your router between all connected devices.   Most internet providers will recommend a minimum of 75 Mbps for 4-7 connected devices in one household.  If your internet connection is less than this, consider disconnecting other devices to get the best experience with both downloading and streaming videos in our app. 


No wifi in your bike torture chamber? No problem. Below are the times when The Sufferfest Training Centre needs an internet connection. 

  • When you first sign up for the App so we can validate your subscription.
  • If you manually log out of the App, the App will need an internet connection to log back in. 
  • When you need to download a video. 
  • to access training plans and the training calendar, and to launch workouts from the calendar.
  • When you stream a video, we do a quick check for a valid subscription.  You will need an internet connection to stream videos anyway. 
  • When you want to share your suffering with the rest of the world to Strava, Training Peaks, or your Email. 
  • When your subscription is expired, the app will need a connection to validate that you've renewed.
  • After certain app updates you will be required to log back into the app.  Please be sure to log in where there is an internet connection, then turn off wifi/cellular on your device prior to going into an internet free/ cellular free zone.  This will prevent automatic updates from happening.  

These are the only times you need an Internet Connection.  You can download the videos and stay offline until the App needs to check for your subscription.  

If you are getting any subscription errors, or denials of download, please reference the "Video Seeking and Download/Streaming Solutions" article. Lastly, you can email to validate your subscription and just make sure everything is working correctly on the server.  


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