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Connecting Garmin Wearables With Built-In Heart Rate Monitors


Most Garmin watches with optical heart rate monitors (wrist sensors) can broadcast that heart rate over ANT+ to be used with The Sufferfest app.  You will need to ensure that you have an ANT+ receiver(dongle) connected to the app.  This will only work on the desktop app.  

Here are some general instructions.  We recommend you look at your device's manual for instructions specific to your device.  Note:  These instructions are copied from Garmin Support websites.  For specific instructions about your device, please refer to the Garmin website

  1. From the heart rate screen, hold  Menu symbol.
  2. Select Options > Broadcast Heart Rate

    The Forerunner device starts broadcasting your heart rate data, and   Heart rate broadcast symbol  appears.

  3. Launch The Sufferfest app and select a workout.  From the Device Connections screen, choose the Garmin ANT+ connection from the Add Devices screen.  (Remember- you need to have an ANT+ dongle for this to work).



Garmin's latest generation of sports watches has the ability to connect to a 3rd party app via Bluetooth to transmit heart rate.  This currently applies to the following devices:  Garmin 245, Garmin 945 and Fenix 6.  The feature is found under the "Virtual Run" feature on the watch.  Note:  These instructions are copied from the Garmin support website.  Be sure to check the site specific to your device for troubleshooting and further instructions. 

  • Select START > Virtual Run
  • On your tablet, phone or computer, open The Sufferfest app
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to start a running activity and pair the device.  (We know you're cycling, but this is how to get this connected so that it works). See this article for how to connect to the app:  Device Connections
  • Select START to start the activity timer.  You can now start the workout in The Sufferfest.  You should see your heart rate on the screen.  
  • After you complete your workout, select STOP to stop the activity timer.  This will end the Bluetooth broadcast.

For help with this issue, please check out Garmin's support pages or contact them for assistance. 


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