Using a Garmin Cycling Computer and Garmin Wearables With The App


You can pair your Garmin device to your sensors and still use The Sufferfest Training System.  This will allow you to record data on your Garmin and still view it in the App.  The Garmin device will not interfere with The Sufferfest Training System, but it will also not add anything either.  

Please note: Even though most Garmin cycling computers and wearable devices are now capable of transmitting via Bluetooth, they can not transmit the data from your Ant+ Garmin sensors over this channel.  Your cycling computer or watch can not connect with The Sufferfest App.  They are only designed to receive data from your sensors not re-transmit it.  

Connecting Garmin Wearables With Built In Heart Rate Monitors

The one exception to connecting to Garmin wearables/watches is that some models can re-transmit the heart rate data via Ant+.  This does mean that you need to have an Ant+ dongle connected to your device to receive the heart rate data from the wearable/watch.

You will need to find instructions on how to do this for your device from Garmin's help center.  Once you have completed those steps The Sufferfest App should discover your device as a heart rate monitor in the heart rate section of the device connections screen of The Sufferfest App.


For those of you who are connecting your smart trainers to a Garmin Edge 520, 820 or 1000 unit, you must make sure you are connected as a power meter.  You have the option to connect your trainer to an Edge unit as a smart trainer.  This means, that the Garmin Edge unit and the Sufferfest Training System will be fighting for control of your unit.  Only connect your smart trainer as a power meter to the Garmin Edge Unit.  This allows you to still record your data separately from the Sufferfest App. 


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