Apple Pay FAQs


When does my free trial start?  

When you create an account on iOS you will be able to browse the app without limit, however, you won't be able to play a video or do a workout until you've started the free trial. For more information, check out this article:  Starting a Free Trial on iOS


Why do I have to enter payment information to start a free trial?  

To start a free trial without entering payment information, please go to and manage your account on the web. If you choose to manage your account through Apple Pay, you will need to enter payment information as per Apple's terms of service. Your account will be managed by Apple until you choose to cancel it.  


Can I use my iOS account on my laptop?

Your Sufferfest account will work on all our platforms, even if you choose to manage your account through Apple Pay. You will not be able to log into your laptop app though until you've started a free trial or a subscription. For more information on how to do that, and what your options are, please read Starting a Free Trial on iOS carefully.


How do I use a coupon?

You can only redeem a coupon if you manage your account at If you've created a subscription through Apple Pay, you'll need to cancel that subscription to set up your subscription to the web.  Please note that you can't create a subscription on the web until your Apple subscription expires and you no longer have access to the app.  To apply a coupon, check out this article:  Coupons and Free Trials


Why can't I sign up for an annual subscription?  

Apple Pay subscription option is limited to a monthly subscription. In order to take advantage of the cost-saving annual subscription rate, you will need to manage your subscription online at If you have already started a subscription using Apple Pay, you can cancel your subscription and then switch to managing your account online.  Please note the you'll need to wait until your subscription expires and you no longer have access to the app to create a subscription online.  


I have an issue with my subscription or payment

If you are using Apple Pay, you will need to contact Apple about any subscription and payment issues. If you manage your account using, please contact The Minions for support.  


I would like a refund.  

If your subscription is through Apple Pay, you will need to contact Apple about any subscription issues you may have. We do not have access to these payments or subscription details. If you have a subscription through, please check out  Can I Get A Refund?


The email address on my Apple Pay screen doesn't match the email I'm using for my Sufferfest account. 

This is quite possible.  Your Apple Pay subscription will be tied to your Apple ID email, not necessarily your Sufferfest account email.  You will need to make sure that you are logged into the correct account on the app settings page before starting your subscription.  


I've deleted the app, why am I still getting billed?

Deleting the app will not stop your subscription.  You will need to cancel your subscription.  See Cancelling Your Subscription for instructions.  

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