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Suffering while SUFFERING should not happen all the time.  Our coaches believe in balancing tough workouts with adequate recovery will make you FASTER, FITTER and STRONGER than just hammering away until your eyes bleed every day.  They've been playing with the workout intensity adjusters in the app and have created some really interesting workouts for you!  For more details on the science of recovery, check out this article by Sir Mac Cassin:  Active Recovery

You've probably noticed things like this in your training plan:


When you hit that start button, you'll see that this workout doesn't look anything like what you remember There is no Try looking like!  

This is the 100% Full Suffering version.  Yes, there are times when you will need to do that!  Screen_Shot_2020-01-08_at_8.01.31_AM.png


Now, here it is as a reduced-intensity workout:  It never even comes close to threshold!  WHAT???


The intention behind these adjusted workouts is to build endurance and allow you to recover between big efforts in your plan.  Rather than have you do Open 60, or Recovery 30, here's a bit of variety for you.  Of course, there will be some crazy confusion when the guns go off for those sprints but you don't have sprints!  And, the onscreen cues will appear to not match what you're doing at all...  but this is The Sufferfest after all...   you should expect some kind of Suffering, right?  

Please note: if you launch the workout from the workout list, it will be at 100%.  If you want to launch it the way the workout was intended in your plan, please launch it from the training calendar.  

How to spot these on your Training Plan

When you look at your calendar, you should notice that some workouts have a clipboard icon in the bottom corner as seen here:


That clipboard means that there are Coach's notes attached to that workout.  More often than not, if it's a cycling workout, it will be that the intensity has been modified.  

Clicking on this workout will bring me to this screen:


I can see that the workout has indeed been modified.  The note says Reductions for INTENDED ENDURANCE targets.  Clicking START on this screen will automatically launch this workout at the intended targets, as seen on this screen.  

If I have a workout that is not modified, the launch screen will not have any notes, such as seen here:


Clicking START will launch this workout at 100%.


Launching a workout from the workout list rather than from the calendar will launch the workout at 100%.  

For more information:

How to use the Calendar

How to adjust workout intensity


Any questions?  Contact the minions here!


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