ERG Mode Troubleshooting


Sufferlandrians love to suffer and it can be frustrating when your smart trainer isn't controlling the resistance properly as you ride. Nothing must dull the suffering, so let's talk about a few things to check so that you can get back to training!

First Steps

There are a few simple steps that you can take to initially troubleshoot ERG mode:

  1. Check for updates to The Sufferfest App. 
  2. Connect your trainer to its parent app (Wahoo, Elite, Wattbike, etc) and check for any firmware updates.
  3. Perform a spin-down calibration in your trainer's parent app. 
  4. Confirm that ERG mode is working with another app. This is helpful because, although rare, there are cases in which the trainer itself isn't working properly. Double-checking that it works with another app is a good way to test this.
  5. Double-check that your trainer isn't connected to any other apps or devices. This can cause interference with the signal to The Sufferfest app. Disconnecting from those devices or apps can often help.

Other Considerations

FTP Is Set Too Low

We often see this with new Sufferlandrians, it can feel like the trainer isn't apply enough or any resistance as you ride. It's important to remember that when you first start using The Sufferfest App, all of your workout targets are based on percentages of your FTP. If your FTP is set too low, your power targets are going to be far too low as they are a percentage of that number. This can result in you feeling very little, if any, resistance from your trainer.

The simple solution here is to head into your settings and increase your FTP, that will increase your power targets and you should have a better ride experience.

Ideally, you will take the Full Frontal test (in level mode, NOT ERG!) in the coming weeks to get your 4-dimensional power profile. Then, all of the workouts will be scaled appropriately for you.

Trainer Connections

You'll want to refer to this article (Device Connections) when connecting your smart trainer. You might see the option to connect a device called "Bike Power". If you select that option the app will be able to read your power from the trainer but it won't be able to control the resistance. 

You'll also want to make note of the icons that are selected in the above article. Be sure that both the lightning bolt (power) and lightning bolt with a small circle (trainer control) are selected and that in the Settings option you are using ERG.Device_Connections_-_Connected_1-7.png


Communication Interference

If you are continually getting drops in resistance or there is a delay in the trainer changing resistance going into or coming out of an effort this could be due to communication interference. You can take a look at our Device Connection Troubleshooting articles for iOS and Desktop for some additional troubleshooting steps. 


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