How Do You Calculate Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR)?


What Is Lactate Threshold Heart Rate?

The LTHR is the point, above which, increased blood acidification occurs in your body. Crossing this threshold will make your endurance performance rapidly decrease. In a race, you might maintain that level for up to an hour, but at a certain point you will slow down. When the lactate clears from your system you can pick up the pace again, but the point is to avoid slowing down altogether. 

The estimation of Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) can be quite a mixed bag of theories.  You can do a search on the internet and see what we mean.  The only true way to get an accurate and reliable LTHR reading is to do a lab test where your blood is drawn and the lactate is measured.  Without lab testing, we are all just estimating LTHR.  

How Does The Sufferfest App Calculate LTHR?

The Sufferfest Training System will estimate LTHR on the video "Full Frontal".  We use the formula used by Coach Neal Henderson, which is 98% of your average 20-minute heart rate during your Full Frontal Fitness Test.  This isn't the same as everyone else.  However, Coach Henderson has proven success using this method since they train Olympic cyclists, have coached two athletes that have broken the World Hour Record, and have helped athletes with Stage wins at the Tour de France.  

If you want more information about LTHR and our reason behind our decisions, please take a look at our blog article "Everything You Think You Know About LTHR is Wrong."  

Where Can I Find My Heart Rate Zones In The Sufferfest App? 

If you'd like to see how The Sufferfest app has your heart rate zones broken down head to your passport in the app, find your most recent Full Frontal Fitness Test results, and scroll down a bit.  There you will find a break down of your zones which you can then use as input in other apps that you use to log your training.

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