Wahoo Trainers


The Wahoo KICKR Bike, KICKR, KICKR Core, and KICKR Snap are fully compatible with The Sufferfest app in both ERG and Level modes.

You will need to connect to the Wahoo Fitness app to set up, calibrate, and update firmware for your trainer.  


For more information on setting up your trainer, please see the Wahoo Product Instructions section and select your trainer.  

Once you've completed your setup in the Wahoo app, close the app completely before trying to connect your trainer to The Sufferfest app.

To connect your trainer to The Sufferfest app, please refer to the Device Connections instructions.  


Special Wahoo Trainer functions

Control the KICKR with ANT+ Power Meter

Here are the steps to connect your ANT+ Power Meter to the KICKR or KICKR Core:

  1. Open up the iOS Wahoo Fitness App and connect to your KICKR
  2. Navigate to the KICKR Settings
  3. Select "Control with ANT+ Power Meter"
  4. Spin the cranks to make sure your power meter is awake and transmitting a signal
  5. Enter your power meter's Device ID in the box.
  6.  You can now close off the app and your power meter and your trainer will be linked until you unlink them.  




KICKR Power Smoothing

Selecting Power Smoothing in the Wahoo app will ensure that your graphs in The Sufferfest app are crisp and clean.  There may come a time when we might ask you to turn this off.  If you use Power Smoothing in the Wahoo app, there is no need to use the power smoothing function in The Sufferfest app.



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