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Elite smart trainers (including the Misuro B+) connect to the app the same way that any other smart trainers do.  Follow the instructions in the Device Connections article.  These trainers though may have some special considerations when it comes to calibrating, setup, and updating firmware. Please read through the following instructions to see how to set up your particular trainer.  

For Elite classic trainers (dumb trainers) use the Virtual Watts setup.  

Calibrating Elite Trainers and Spin Downs

Newer Elite trainers such as the Suito and the Zumo have a spindown calibration in the MyElite app, but older Elite trainers do not have a calibration option.  They do not operate like other trainers.  Elite flashes a base map to all of the trainers and that base map can only be adjusted using the Elite My E-Training App.  You will need to download the Elite App and use a power meter to properly calibrate your trainer.  This is done by adjusting what is called the "P1, P2, and P3" values.  


The image above is what you will see when you have finished calibrating your P values within the Elite App.  However, each trainer has its own set of P values.  The ones displayed above are the default values that come with the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer.  



 Misuro B+ Sensor

Check out this video for help setting up your Misuro B+ sensor

Check For Firmware Updates

The last thing we will talk about is firmware updates.  Go to the Elite My E-Training App and just check to see that you have the latest firmware.  Some trainers though, like the Zumo have their firmware updates in a separate app- the Elite Upgrado app.  It will connect to your trainer and install any available updates.  


If you need further help, please submit a help request here.











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