The Favero Assioma DUO/UNO Power Meter


In order to use the Assioma DUO Power Meter you will need the Favero Assioma App installed on your phone or tablet.

Below are the steps that you will need to follow to connect both sides (both pedals) to The Sufferfest app.  The pictures below show an Ant+ connection but the Bluetooth connection process is identical.

Setting Up The Assioma DUO in the Favero Assioma App

Make sure that your Assioma DUO Pedals are powered on and awake.  Choose the magnifying glass in the top right of the app screen to discover your pedals.


The pedals should be detected.  You may see one connect as an UNO initially followed by the other showing up as an UNO as well.  We will set them up as a DUO in the following steps.


Once your pedals are both discovered choose the settings button at the bottom of the app screen.  You will now see the settings menu.  This is where we will turn the two UNO pedals into one DUO system.  Select the "Convert Assioma UNO into Assioma Duo Option.


Once you select the above option you will be prompted to confirm the conversion.


On the next screen you will choose "ASSOCIATE" to connect the right and left pedals.


Now their joining is complete.  From now on you will see the pedals as a DUO setup until you unpair them.


Now, the pedals need to be configured so that they are unified as one channel for use in the app.  This will allow the app of connect to one pedal but receive data from both.  The Left pedal will then be the only one paired to the app.  Select Compatibility with Other Apps from the menu:


And then set the pedals to Unified channel L:




Setting up the Assioma UNO in the Favero Assioma app

Only one pedal will be detected if you have the UNO pedals.  The power meter is found in the left pedal.  The configuration will be exactly the same as above except you will need to make sure that your pedal is configured as an UNO and not a DUO.

The Sufferfest app will automatically double the power from a single-sided power meter, so there is no need to toggle the Double the Power switch.  The correct position is OFF.  




Now you are ready to connect the Assioma Duo or the Assioma UNO with The Sufferfest app in iOS or Windows/Mac


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