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Once you've selected a workout and hit the play button you will end up here, in the workout player screen.  On the surface, it seems like a simple video playback screen but once we take a deeper look under the hood you will see that there are a lot of options that are accessible from this area.  

The Main Workout Player Screen



1. The Workout Menu

You will find the workout menu in the top right of the workout player screen.


A. Finish Workout

If you want to stop the workout early, save, and share it just click here to access the save and share window.  Check out the "Finishing Your Workout" help article for more on this.

B. Play Button

Click this button when you are ready to start the workout

C. Full Screen

Click here to maximize the app for a full-screen viewing experience

D. Data Only View

Use this option to view only the workout data and workout graph at the bottom of your screen.  This is for use with our NoVid workouts or if you want to play a video workout without the video so that you can watch something else while you ride.

E. Workout Settings Menu

The Workout Settings Menu has three tabs:



  • Ride Intensity - Selecting the "Adjust 4DP Metrics Individual" option will allow you to adjust each of your metrics individually. If the button is not selected, you can adjust them all by an equal amount.
  • Don't Change Recovery Sections (Checkbox) - Selecting this checkbox will keep the recovery targets the same as originally prescribed in the workout as long as they are below 60% of FTP when you adjust the intensity
  • Music - Adjust the volume of the music in the workout or toggle it on or off
  • Sound Effects - Adjust the volume of the sound effect prompts in the workout or toggle them on or off
  • Auto Pause - Toggle auto-pause... when turned on the workout will stop when you stop pedaling
  • Power Smoothing - Toggle 3-second power smoothing



This is the menu where you will connect your sensors, power meters, and smart trainers to The Sufferfest app.  More details on how to do this can be found in the "Device Connections" help article.



  • Reset Defaults - Click here to reset all options in the Display menu back to their default settings
  • On Screen Data Display Options - Toggle any of these fields on or off to display their corresponding target & data boxes on screen during the workout
  • Workout Graph Displays - Set the workout graph to display power, cadence, or heart rate targets
  • Play Workout Without Video - Select this to turn any of our traditional workouts into NoVid workouts.  This is a great option if you are wanting to watch something other than cycling
  • Font Size - Adjust the font size displayed in the workout screen
  • Video Size - Toggle this if you want the video stretched to take up the entire screen
  • Show Storyline - Toggle our Sufferlandrian storyline and workout instructions here

2. Workout Target & Data Display Boxes

These boxes allow you to display the targets, data, and upcoming changes during your workout.  You have the option to display Power, Cadence, Heart Rate, Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE), Distance, and Speed here.

Targets & Data


  • Targets - The top number in each display shows the prescribed target for each data type
  • Data - The bottom number (dashes due to no data in the screenshot above) shows your actual data from your sensors or connected devices
  • Data Type - The bottom of each display box is labeled to show which type of data is being displayed there

Target Changes

Screen_Shot_2018-12-27_at_10.34.23_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-12-27_at_10.35.05_AM.png
  • Increasing Targets - When a target is preparing to increase, a box will appear to the right of the target showing what the new target will be.  The box will fill in green as it counts down until the new target takes effect.
  • Decreasing Targets - When a target is preparing to decrease, a box will appear to the right of the target showing what the new target will be.  The box will fill in red as it counts down until the new target takes effect.

3. Workout Graph

The workout graph will show targets that you selected in the "DISPLAY" settings menu.  

Pretty Colors

The intervals shown on the workout graph are highlighted to show their corresponding 4DP focus area.

  • Blue - Functional Threshold Power (20 Min)
  • Yellow - Maximal Aerobic Power (5 Min)
  • Orange - Anaerobic Capacity (1 Min)
  • Red - Neuromuscular Power (5 Sec)



  • Total Time Completed - The far left timer shows how much of the workout has been completed
  • Interval Timer - The top right timer shows how much time is remaining in the current interval or section of the workout
  • Total Time Remaining - The bottom right timer shows the total time remaining in the workout

Seeking During The Workout

You can fast forward or rewind the workout by first pausing and then grabbing the scrubber and moving it forward or back.


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