Why can't I add strength training to my plan?


Everyone wants to be strong here in Sufferlandria!  Side planks are the talk of the town in Agonia!  No doubt, everyone wants the core strength benefits to make them faster on the bike!  There's a small problem though- not all the training plans that are found in the app are optimized for strength training.  


What does that mean?  

It means that certain plans have been designed specifically to integrate with strength training.  The workouts are planned and adjusted to bring you maximum benefits with the added stress of strength training.  We highly recommend that if you want to do strength training, you choose one of these plans.  


How do I find a plan that is optimized for strength?  

When selecting a training plan, choose a plan that has strength as an option in the drop down menu for options, as seen here:  



If a plan with strength does not appear on the drop down menu, then it is not available in the plan you've currently chosen.  Once you select the plan with strength, you will see an option for strength training appear in the Cross Training selections to choose your level.  


What if the plan I want doesn't have that option but I still want to do strength training?

Keeping in mind that your training will not be optimized for strength training, you can add strength training to your routine, but you cannot add it to your training plan in the app.  For more information and recommendations, please see the following article from our coaches:  How to Incorporate The Sufferfest Strength Training for Cyclists into your Riding.  


Need help applying training plans?  Check out the following article:

How to apply a plan





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