Wheel Size: Which One Should I Select?


Feeling a little overwhelmed about which wheel size to choose for your particular setup? There are a lot to choose from and we are happy to point you in the right direction!

Smart Trainers

If you are using a smart trainer, you can use the "default 2096mm" wheel size in your iOS app Settings. If you don't make a selection, that is fine as well, all of the data is coming from the trainer and wheel size isn't strictly needed. On the Desktop app, you won't need to make a selection.

Virtual Watts

Wheel size is more important when you are using virtual watts. The app needs to know which wheel size you are using in order to properly calculate your power. You will need to select the wheel size that matches your bike. If you don't know your wheel size, you can use the "default 2096mm" option, this will work for most road bikes. 


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