Time Triallist With Sustained Weakness


Congratulations on completing Full Frontal, you've survived a difficult test and (once you can think straight again) you might have some questions about your results. Specifically, how can you be a Time Triallist with a Sustained Efforts weakness? Not to worry, this is an accurate assessment of your abilities and not a Couchlandrian trick to confuse you!

The Time Triallist and Climber categories are based on raw power and power to weight (respectively). There are also "secondary" categories, meaning that if you have the raw power to be classified as a Time Trialist, but your 5sec power is high enough to classify you as a Sprinter, you would be assigned "Sprinter". In this situation, the 20-minute power puts you in the Time Trialist type. However, while the other metrics aren't high enough to put you in a different rider type, they are also not low enough to have that as a designated weakness. In other words, if your power was a bit lower across all 4 efforts, you would be classified as a Rouleur with a Sustained Efforts weakness.

The in-app training plans will be automatically adjusted for your rider type and weakness. 

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