Release Notes - iOS (iPhone & iPad)



  • Update backend services. Users should update to this latest version of the app.


  • Update backend services


  • Improvements in saving LTHR and 4DP Data

  • Bugfix for restarting a subscription


  • Fixed bug with yoga videos starting muted

  • Added Inspiration section to Cycling workouts

6.16.1 (13758)

  • Support for Account Merge

  • Fix for create account issue


6.11.2 (v13494)

  • Fixed a bug when trying to share activities to Strava
  • Fixed a bug when trying to access help links
  • Minor UI updates and improvements


6.11.1 (Global public release)

Release notes

  • Fixed issue with app crashing when finishing the Welcome video
  • Updated grammar error in the content on the final page of Onboarding
  • Fixed “Let’s get started” screen not showing upon login after Create Account
  • Added requirement for emails to lowercase at login
  • Updated page to contextually display price and currency

Known issues

  • The Link Services page shows as blank for Strava and Today’s Plan is the athlete has the associated app installed on their device (it is likely that this issue applies to all linkable services that have an app and the athlete has downloaded it to their device). This will be resolved in iOS 6.11.2


6.11.0 released to the public in Pakistan only

Release notes

  • Added create account back in
  • Added onboarding flow back in with updated content on the final page to include information about access and creating a subscription
  • Added in-app purchases
  • Update Settings UI for Manage Subscription, moved Log out to top right corner
  • Updated Welcome video to play without requiring a trial
  • Fixed User history records not loading on login
  • Added “Focused” option for strength workouts in the filter

Version 6.10

  • Fixed: Swiping down on Activity Success dismisses the modal and leaves the workout player in an unhandled state
  • Fixed: App crash when going back to intro screen or logging out after completing onboarding
  • Fixed: Onboarding bottom bar not fixed to the bottom of page
  • Fixed Onboarding Current Fitness Level page components are not properly displayed on iOS12
  • Removed: SUF branding image from onboarding compact size
  • Improved distance calculations
  • Fixed portrait orientation not being constrained on Full Frontal user prompt for Level/ERG selection
  • New login/forgot password pages


Version 6.8

  • Updated loading image
  • Added notification and request for additional information for existing users without a 4DP power profile
  • Added notification for users with a 4DP power profile but have their preference set to use FTP that their power setting will be reset to 4DP
  • Added “Clear” and “Done” buttons to all pickers and text fields
  • Update Profile page design for users without a rider type
  • Updated Settings page to remove obsolete content and 4DP toggle
  • Updated estimated 4DP calculations to consider “Other” and “Prefer not to say” options
  • Fixed app caching new account credentials and estimated 4DP profiles
  • Fixed 4DP calculator not calculating estimated values
  • Fixed Onboarding video not always loading
  • Fixed cookie notice displaying on Training Plans page
  • Fixed users who have completed Onboarding being prompted to go through the flow on subsequent logins
  • Fixed miscellaneous UI and text issues in Onboarding flow
  • Fixed “Send to your email” sharing option set to Connected in Onboarding flow
  • Fixed Today's workouts don't show on mobile view
  • The previously reported issue with Onboarding not always starting on iOS 11 and iOS 12 has been resolved with some of the other updates.

Version 6.7

  • Fixed the server not setting the activity timezone for all activities

Version 6.6.1

  • Updated gender display options and saving of selection
  • Fixed ability to dismiss alerts in the workout player
  • Removed low battery alerts
  • Fixed onboarding screens pushed offscreen on iOS 11.4 (introduced in v12401)

Version 6.5

  • Updates to power match for better results
  • Fixed Tacx Neo Bike doesn’t report cadence
  • Fixed Devices data not saved for recovered activities
  • Updated Contact Us button to open support form in Safari
  • Refactored Workout player
  • Fixed formatting of duration in some locales
  • Updated styling on workout details start button

Version 6.4

  • Fixed padding on 'workout' Start button
  • Added show gear and intensity on-screen on Atom
  • Added show KICKR bike gears
  • Added do not display Sufferfest Virtual Speed when Virtual Watts is set up
  • Added opening workout from URL with intensity set
  • Fixed high CPU usage causing crashes
  • Fixed Workout Done modal displaying horizontally on iOS 13 on iPhone 8
  • Fixed Workout header is pushed down on iOS 13
  • Fixed iOS footer bar overlapping bottom of metamorfo pages
  • Fixed doing back to back downloaded videos playing the wrong video on the 2nd workout (this was never in production)
  • Fixed last workout in Workout List is obstructed
  • Fixed speed and cadence no longer working on 4iiii Viiiiva
  • Updated Strava API for refresh tokens
  • Updated 4DP colors to match brand colors
  • Updated Workout icon display rules

Version 6.3

  • Updated Workout Player Settings label from “Rider Intensity” to “Ride Intensity”
  • Fixed Workout Player launching in a separate floating window for FTP user
  • Fixed VirtualSpeed is not being calculated with dual pedal/crank systems
  • Added change mode and intensity from KICKR bike
  • Added support for a configurable trial period
  • Added sub metric to Ride Intensity for FTP-only section 

Version 6.2.0

  • Updated "Best for" yoga text to pull from parse
  • New workout list design to more closely match desktop
  • Updated the design of the intensity stepper in the workout player settings menu
  • Updated allowed intensity range to be 10-500%
  • Added the ability to connect 2 power meter pedals (or cranks) and have the power combined
  • Fixed the grade display so it only appears when a KICKR Climb is attached
  • Updated the end of Half Monty to collect any personal information required for best calculation of results
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects would cause external music sources to stop
  • Updated activity details to only show LTHR section when there is heart rate data for the activity
  • Added a toggle to enable/disable power match (when available)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the cycling workout player (behind a feature flag for betas only)

Version 6.1.1

  • Added email marketing opt-in to Account Create
  • Updated design on Workout Detail
  • Updated Getting Started and iOS Intro Tours
  • Updated Half Monty/Full Frontal to match desktop
  • Added reason why Full Frontal failed and the graphs associated with activity
  • Updated LTHR calculation to 100% of 20 minute interval HR in Full Frontal
  • Updated zones to match documentation/desktop
  • Fixed full frontal results showing an empty error box even on a successful test
  • Added a change to try and fix Neo 2 cadence issue
  • Added Power Match (for use by The Minions only)
  • Resolved issue with User History saving twice

Version 6.0.5

  • Fixes an issue with speed from FTMS
  • Fixes an issue choosing the monthly subscription option and Apply Pay
  • The stripe key is now pulled dynamically from the server so it can be changed when we need to
  • Fixes 'Missing Speed Device' alerts for virtual watts assignment

Version 6.0.4

  • NEW: Ride check has been removed and devices are configured in the workout player
  • NEW: The app will warn you if a device's connection is lost or if its battery is low
  • UPDATED: The app more clearly shows that your activity is saving at the end
  • UPDATED: Finish workout button in the workout player is more clearly visible
  • FIXED: App sometimes will be in the wrong orientation when entering/exiting the workout player
  • FIXED: LTHR in the passport was sometimes being shown with a lot of decimal places
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