Virtual Watts Setup


Sensor Connections

Before you set up Virtual Watts you will need to have your speed sensor connected to The Sufferfest Training System.  If you need help doing this please review our Device Connections article.

Virtual Watts Setup

1.  Open the DEVICES tab within the SETTINGS menu just as you did when connecting your devices. Here you will see your connected sensors, one of which, should be your speed or speed/cadence combo sensor.

2.  After verifying that your Speed sensor is connected click on the 'Show Virtual Watts' button (Figure 1).  This will open the VIRTUAL WATTS menu (Figure 2). 


 Figure 1


Figure 2

3.  In the VIRTUAL WATTS menu, you will need to select your trainer, any appropriate settings, and wheel size.  

Manufacturer Select the manufacturer of your trainer.
Model Select the model of your trainer.




If your trainer has different resistance levels you will select which one you are using here.

Note: If you change this it will affect your power readings.  Try to have it set at a good level prior to Full Frontal so that you don't have to change it later... otherwise, you get to re-test.

Wheel Size



Select the size of the wheel that is on your bike.  We use this to calculate speed and therefore Virtual Watts.

Note: If you aren't sure of your wheel size, select the 'default 2096' option as this will work for most road bikes.

4.  Now that you have your trainer and its information entered, click the 'Add' button.  You will now see that your trainer appears in the DEVICES menu with the Power connection icon highlighted (Figure 3).


5.  You now have Virtual Watts setup!  Click the blue 'X' in the top right of the screen to close the SETTINGS menu.

More Information

Are you new to Virtual Watts?  Here are some articles that offer some more detailed information on what it is and how it works.

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Still Stuck?

If you need further help, please submit a help request here.


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