ANT+ Sensors and Devices


If you have a speed sensor, cadence sensor, or power meter transmitting information over ANT+ you will need a receiver on the other end. PCs, Macs, and iOS devices don't have built-in ANT+ receivers so you need an ANT+ receiver that plugs into your device to let it connect or a device to convert the ANT+ signal to Bluetooth. 


The iOS version of The Sufferfest app does not support Ant+ connections directly to the device.  If you have an older Wahoo Ant+ key and 30-pin to lightning adaptor setup for your Ant+ devices, The Sufferfest app will not be able to receive data from them.

An ANT+ to Bluetooth bridging device is a possible solution here, but keep in mind that this is essentially adding a "middle man" into your device connections.  Your connections may not be reliable.  We highly recommend replacing your sensors with Bluetooth sensors, such as the Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence sensors and the Wahoo TICKR.  The cost is comparable to getting an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge.  There are a few trainers and power meters that only connect using ANT+, for these, we do recommend you try the CABLE or the Viiiiva, but we cannot guarantee that they will work effectively all the time.  

To find out more about these devices, check out the following links:  The CABLE by North Pole Engineering or The Viiiiva HRM by 4iiii.


The North Pole Engineering CABLE is a stand-alone device that converts ANT+ signals to Bluetooth signals that The Sufferfest app can receive.  Need help configuring your CABLE?  Check out this help article for instructions on doing just that.


Viiiiva Heart Rate Strap

The Viiiiva is a heart rate monitor that also acts as a bridge to convert Ant+ to Bluetooth.  Check out this help article for Viiiiva setup steps.  NOTE: Do NOT rename the Viiiiva, this will prevent it from transmitting data to a third-party app.  


Mac and Windows

Beware, not all ANT+ USB dongles are created equal. The older versions of USB and USB1 only transmit information on 4 channels.

New and improved USB2 has the ability to transmit data on 8 channels. This is the one you need. Before you purchase an ANT+ USB dongle, make sure it is USB2. You should be able to tell by looking at the back of the dongle.


That 'USB2' on the back of the device tells you this is the dongle you're looking for. If the manufacturer doesn't specify, but the device is a "mini USB", you can safely assume it's USB2.

Tested and approved dongles for use with The Sufferfest app

Wahoo USB+ ANT+ Kit Wahoo_ANT__Kit.png
Garmin Ant+ 2.0 USB image.png
Garmin Ant+ Mini USB Screenshot_2016-06-24_10.29.42.png
Suunto ANT+ Mini USB Screenshot_2016-08-26_13.17.18.png
BKool ANT+ USB Screenshot_2017-02-02_09.45.48.png
TACX ANT+ Antenna Screenshot_2017-02-02_09.47.15.png
Quarq ANT+ USB Screenshot_2017-05-15_09.36.51.png
Kurt Kinetic Extended range ANT+ dongle. (does not require a USB extension cable) Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_3.03.27_PM.png


Using another app in addition to The Sufferfest?  

Of course, you're not. The very thought would have the Minions sharpening their flogging sticks. When we say, "You Can Never Leave," we meant it. But say, just for the sake of argument, that someone, somewhere, in an alternate universe, sometimes trains with The Sufferfest and sometimes trains with....not The Sufferfest (shudder). USB dongles are monogamous creatures and don't like to be shared between two different apps. If you use one dongle to transmit data to The Sufferfest, you can't use the same one to connect to another app.  There's a help article here on how to use The Sufferfest and Zwift or another app at the same time.  


We always recommend a USB extension cable!

If you're experiencing connection issues you may need to purchase a USB extension cable.  This will get the USB ANT+ dongle farther away from other parts of your computer that may cause signal interference, giving you a more reliable connection. Don't get stuck eating donuts while you wait for the sensors to connect. The Minions demand Holy Water, and they shall have it.  



Once you have your ANT+ dongle properly connected to your computer, please check out the Device Connections article to get your sensors and trainers properly connected to the app.  

Still need help?

If you need further help, please submit a help request here.


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