Creating an account on iOS


Once you have downloaded the app, you'll want to create your account.  This can be done in the app, or online at  Tap the Create an Account link on the login page to get started.  


If you have a Wahoo account, there's no need to create an account!  Simply log in with your Wahoo username and password!   



The screens that follow will gather some information that will be helpful in setting up your rider profile.  

IMG_0357.PNG   IMG_0358.PNG
IMG_0359.PNG   IMG_0360.PNG


Once your profile is complete, you'll be able to take a Tour of the App.  Without a subscription, you will be able to browse the app, but you will not be able to complete a workout.  This will require a valid trial or subscription.  For more details, please see Starting a Free Trial on iOS.



For detailed instructions on how to connect your trainer, please see our Trainer Connections and Compatiblity Helper.




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