Release Notes - Mac & Windows


Desktop 6.23.1

  • Update backend services 

  • Users should update to this version of the app

Desktop 6.23

  • Added interval highlight to workout player graph
  • Improved BTLE responsiveness
  • Improved readability of the video storyline text

Desktop 6.22

  • Updated NoVid background to be black

  • Updated Cycling player to default to “Video crop: 16:9 - Above Graph” on a clean install

  • Added "Video crop: Above Graph" option to Simple player, is default on clean install

  • Updated scrubbing to be easier on small screens

  • Reduced graph size on mobile devices

  • Fixed issue with newly-subscribed athletes not being able to play workouts when the workout is launched from the Calendar

  • Fixed issue with athletes with invalid subscriptions not getting subscription prompts when the workout is launched from the Calendar

  • Fixed issue with activities not showing on the last day of the month when the day is Sunday

  • Fixed workout list graphs using FTP target values instead of 4DP 20min target values

  • Fixed Workout List Graph to use only 4DP target values


Desktop 6.21

  • Improvements to BTLE device connections

  • Fixed issue with recovered Yoga, Strength, Mental Toughness and Running workouts not displaying on the calendar

Desktop 6.20

  • Device connections updates

Desktop 6.19

  • You have a new cycling category called Inspiration

  • Along with that, you have 31 cycling workouts to the Inspiration category

  • We smashed a couple of bugs

Desktop 6.18

  • Fix activity recovery


Desktop 6.17

  • Fix for end-of-year for Training Plans where plans did not continue from December to January.


Desktop 6.16.1 

  • Updates to the Login and Create Account processes to support Account Merge


Desktop 6.16.0

  • Implemented new Bluetooth devices for Windows and macOS

  • UIUX improvements on the Home page and login page

  • Improvements to the subscription page and in-workout settings.


Desktop 6.14.0

  • Improvements to the subscription page and in-workout settings.

Desktop 6.13.0

  • Fixed level mode to work with Bluetooth on Mac and Windows for KICKRs.
  • Various UI updates.
  • Updated content on the subscription management page when an active trialer starts a subscription.
  • Fixed overstated power values from repeated clicks of the Play button on Calendar Workout Details
  • Fixed bug so Half Monty consistently displays error message in activity detail.

Desktop 6.12.0

  • Updated LTHR zones to display only if there is data.
  • Removed the “All Cycling” option for “Run + Tri”
  • Fixed numbered list markdown formatting
  • Updated workout player to allow welcome video without a trial.
  • Updated year value in copyright statements to be dynamic or configurable.
  • Fixed numbered list markdown formatting so ordinal numbers and first letters of words do not overlap.
  • Updated to new Strava logo.
  • Updated iOS download link
  • Handle redirect to the original URL after login (on the web app).
  • Virtual watts save button turns grey to indicate saved changes.

Desktop 6.11.1 (hot fix)

  • Fixed save button in Virtual Watts does not appear to work
  • Fixed Virtual Watts not retaining wheel size after app is closed

Desktop 6.11.0

  • Added Focused option in the strength filter.
  • Add email confirmation error message for mismatched emails in new account creation.
  • Updated copyright year to be dynamic so it always updates to correct year.
  • Fixed typos in keyboard shortcuts page.
  • Fixed recording of inches in height during on-boarding.
  • Fixed recovered Half Monty workout not calculating.


Desktop 6.10.0

  • Added combining power when two pedals are connected
  • Updated Onboarding UI after connecting shared services to match design
  • Fixed inches in height not being recorded on Onboarding
  • Improved Calendar performance
  • Fixed Activity detail on Calendar modal not showing same graph smoothing as Passport activity details
  • Fixed target changes from the keyboard shortcuts so they don’t overwhelm overwhelm trainers with messages
  • Added Garmin to Onboarding


Desktop 6.8.0

  • Fixed inability to apply ToS plan after 12/31/19
  • Added notification for users with a 4DP power profile but have their preference set to use FTP that their power setting will be reset to 4DP
  • Updated labels on the LTHR table and fix typo on Workout Settings
  • Updated content on notification and request for information to calculate estimated 4DP for non-4DP to remove statements related to never sharing user data.
  • Updated saving of gender selections and estimated 4DP calculations to support the cases where user leaves gender blank or selects “Prefer not to say” or “Other” during onboarding
  • Added notification and request for information to calculate estimated 4DP when non-4DP existing user logs in
  • Updated the design of the login pages to match the new design from onboarding
  • Updated the Profile page design to remove FTP
  • Updated Training Plan header UI
  • Added miscellaneous UI updates to the Training Plans page
  • Added filter to the workout list that allows users to filter based on their last activity
  • Removed low battery alerts
  • Removed low battery alerts


Desktop 6.6.3

  • Fixed Plans with different lengths based on Level are not always showing the correct date on the start date message when using "From Finish"
  • Fixed Plan options chooser Start/Finish Date does not update when user toggles between "From Start" and "From Finish" selections
  • Fixed Date picker does not properly handle all date delimiters, causing the date picker to be inoperable
  • TPs and calendar items do not display in months where the month abbreviation for system language is different than the US abbreviation

Desktop 6.6.2

  • Fixed ensure timezone set on yoga and strength workouts

Desktop 6.6.1

  • Added ability to set static start and end dates to for training plans
  • Fixed Full Frontal results no longer showing activity detail

Desktop 6.6.0

  • Fixed issues with date picker day/month order not honoring the user’s locale

Desktop 6.5.0

  • Fixed open route to Training Plans to proper ACL
  • Hid Today’s activities from displaying on Desktop homepage
  • Fixed banner ad not clearing after it expired
  • Fixed weakness and strength links in Passport
  • Hide music switch in NoVids
  • Training Plans updates

Desktop 6.4.0

  • Added app loading screen to display on desktop and web shells
  • Added directing the user to target URL after login
  • Added show Today's Workout on Desktop (available to Minions only)
  • Made Training Plans and Calendar links active to new pages on desktop (available to Minions only)
  • Updated Strava API for refresh tokens

Desktop 6.3.1

  • Resolved state of the individual metrics toggle being incorrect

Desktop 6.3.0

  • Fixed open Workout from URL
  • Updated content for Time Trial Prep Plan description
  • Updated title text color on Settings > Sharing to black
  • Removed KICKR cadence device blacklist
  • Added support for a configurable trial period
  • Fixed Full Frontal results dialog not showing correctly on desktop
  • Fixed issue with the presentation of virtual watts settings.
    • Virtual watts settings should appear to the left of the device menu.
    • The save button should appear inactive when the settings have not changed.

Desktop 6.2.0

  • Updated the design of the intensity stepper in the workout player settings menu
  • Added ability to Minimize to the system taskbar in Windows
  • Fixed date and duration not displaying on Passport > Activities
  • Fixed "Your changes are not saved" modal displaying under certain conditions when navigating away for Personal and Workout Settings pages
  • Fixed error when attempting to play a Workout Video with no internet connection
  • Fixed incorrect typeface on Full Frontal test results delta
  • Fixed application not saving activity references for Full Frontal tests on workout completion
  • Reintroduced the legacy "Switch account" flow
  • Miscellaneous UI updates Log in, Create account, Select account, Forgot password pages

Desktop 6.1.0

  • Added email marketing opt-in to Account Create and updated Terms & Conditions acceptance content
  • Updated the design for public-facing app pages (Account Create, Log in, Switch Account, Forgot Password)
  • Added a sign-up success modal that displays when user is logged in after creating account; Includes a link to the device compatibility list
  • Resolved persistent device alerts after faulty device has been unpaired
  • Made minor updates to in-workout error alert buttons to match design
  • Removed UCI Gran Fondo World Championships section on Training Plans page
  • Updated Featured Footage section header and added hide section when there is no featured footage
  • Resolved keyboard shortcuts sometimes becoming disabled
  • Resolved storyline text toggle displaying as “off” in a new session
  • Fixed condition where workout content through Passport → Activities could be accessed when subscription is expired
  • Added ANT+ missing softwareVersion field
  • Updated the Help → Keyboard shortcuts to show overlay help when in a workout
  • Corrected Activities → Full Frontal link hover state and expected cursor behavior
  • Resolved formatting issue with failed/invalid Full Frontal results statement

Desktop 6.0.8

  • Added device disconnect, video, and low battery errors messaging to workout player
  • Added low battery alert display when connecting a device
  • Added tooltips to Workout Player, Device Settings and Application Settings pages
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added Profile data prompt to Activity Success for Full Frontal and Half Monty
  • Added reasons for failed Full Frontal test
  • Updated Wattbike Atom to show 1-22 gears
  • Fixed a variety of screen management, placement, and display issues
  • Fixed miscellaneous broken links
  • Fixed Garmin share
  • Resolved issue with story text not showing in MiniPlayer mode
  • Resolved Workout Player Settings menu hiding gears and grade information
  • Resolved "Changes not saved" modal continuing to display
  • Enhanced stability for ANT+ devices

Desktop 6.0.7

  • Removed grade from speed and distance calculations
  • Updated workout player to only display grade when tilt service is selected for KICKR Climb, and in running and triathlon videos

Desktop 6.0.6

  • Added animation to Awards loading
  • Added ability for an athlete to send workout data to customer service
  • Added category colors to Activities list
  • Fixed issue with the app going transparent in Mini-Player mode
  • Resolved issue with display of images on the Activity page
  • Added queueing to workout downloads
  • Fixed issue with duplicate modals displaying
  • Resolved issue with Yoga, Strength and Mental Toughness workouts not saving
  • Fixed issue with Virtual Watts showing Power data when there is no Speed data
  • Added ability to remove accounts from the login page

Desktop 6.0.5

  • Added ANT+ support for Wahoo Fitness KICKR CLIMB
  • Added account management links
  • Fixed misc broken links
  • Added improvements to Yoga, Mental and strength Passport pages
  • Added Windows prevent sleep
  • Fixed persistent warning that there are unsaved changes on settings pages
  • Added saved speed selection over auto-select of virtual speed
  • Added ability to open specific workouts in the app from external links
  • Added colors to Activities
  • Add counts to Achievements
  • Replaced video player
  • Added prevention of duplicate shares and saves
  • Added ability to apply a Full Frontal result from Passport
  • Added support for ANT+ device paired to a KICKR
  • Added an absence of a target indicates a self-selected target and 0 means to stop
  • Improved the readability of the Full Frontal page
  • Updated application signing certificate
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