How to Pace the Full Frontal 4DP™ Fitness Test


The first time you do Full Frontal, your pacing may not be perfect.  Do you remember the first time you did the 20 minute FTP test, Rubber Glove?  It probably wasn't pretty.  In this article we're going to talk about the consequences of improperly pacing your Full Frontal fitness test and how that will potentially affect your workouts.  

The 5 Second interval and Neuromuscular Power (NM)

We use NM to set the target for short, high-intensity intervals that last 15 seconds or less.  One common mistake Sufferlandrians make on the 5 second test is ramping up into it.  You should not build intensity coming into the 5 second test.  NM is determined by your instantaneous power production.  You can hit a higher peak 5 second power number if you do a 10 second or 7 second sprint.  This will raise your NM power level to something that will become impossible in a workout like Violator.  Again, do not ramp into that 5 second test. Only start sprinting when the test says go.  

Lastly, do not manually change your NM numbers in the settings page to match your highest recorded 5 second power in the Badass Power Records tab in your Passport.  Remember, your 5 second highest power recorded was probably done on a 10 second sprint.  Raising those numbers will make NM efforts near impossible.  

The 5 Minute Effort and Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP)

The biggest mistake we see here is Sufferlandrians conserving their energy so they can hit a higher 20 minute power.  Do not take the 5 minute test easy so you can hit a higher 20 minute number.  Full Frontal has the 5 minute test before the 20 minute test for a reason.  Individuals who are gifted in anaerobic power production can get a contribution during the 20 minute test.  This is could be true if you are a person that has a one hour power number that is close to 90% of your FTP.  This means you can bring more of your anaerobic capabilities to bear during the 20 minute test.  The 5 minute test saps your Anaerobic contribution and that effort helps give you a true FTP. 

If you sandbag the 5 minute effort, they your MAP targets in the app will feel too easy.  Also, if sandbagging the 5 minute test increased your 20 minute power artificially, then the 20 minute efforts in subsequent workouts may feel too hard.  

The 20 Minute Effort and Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

There are only two things you can do wrong here.  One, sand bag the 5 minute effort so your 20 minute effort is higher.  Two, reserve some energy for the end and lift your efforts by 30 watts are more during the last few minutes.  The 20 minute effort needs to be paced evenly with a slow increase in power if you can do it.  If you are starting to falter on the test, then the best strategy is to slowly lower your numbers and the second half.  The 5 and 20 minute efforts are always the hardest to pace.  You will find out that the second time you do Full Frontal, you will be pacing that test much better. 

The 1 Minute Effort and Anaerobic Capacity (AC)

When you come into the 1 minute effort it is an all out effort for 15 seconds while you try to hold on to power until the end.  A good 1 Minute test has you starting at a high number and then wondering if you will even finish it at the 30 second mark.  Your power is near maximum at the beginning and then slowly fades to the end.  This is one of the most painful efforts you will do with Full Frontal and we leave it to the end.  





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