Coupons and Free Trials


Free Trial

When you create an account at, you automatically start a 14-day free trial.  There is no coupon or payment information necessary at this time. You will have access to the entire app and all the content offered.  At the end of the trial period, the account will go inactive unless you subscribe.

If you create an account on iOS, please refer to this article for special details about how to start a free trial:  Starting a Free Trial on iOS



Coupons cannot be used with Apple Pay.  You must use to manage your account if you want to use a coupon.

Coupons are not extensions of free trials. They are discounts on subscriptions. You must start a subscription to redeem a coupon. Your subscription will start when the 14-day trial ends.  

Coupon terms may say "1 month free" or "60 days free" but they can be applied towards a monthly subscription or towards an annual subscription. 

When the coupon is applied, it will have a monetary value that will cover one month's subscription fees on a monthly subscription.  If the coupon is applied towards an annual subscription, the value of the coupon will be subtracted from the annual subscription fee.  Please see the instructions below to understand how this will look when you manage your account at


To Apply a Coupon

Log into your account at and select Manage Subscription. Important note for iOS users:  Coupons can not be used on Apple Pay Subscriptions.  You must create your account using the above link to be able to use a coupon.  




This will bring up your account overview:


New Subscribers

If you are on a free trial, you should see how many days you have available on your free trial:



Choose the plan you would like to subscribe to.  



To add a coupon, click on the ADD A COUPON button and enter your coupon code.  



Once your code is correctly typed into the box, the box will appear green and the details of the coupon will be found under the box.  If the coupon code appears to be invalid, please try retyping it using ALL CAPS.  If you have a code from a trainer company, try changing the letter O for a zero (0) to see if that helps.  If the code is still invalid, please submit a help request here.


Please note:  You must complete the payment information and click on SUBSCRIBE to activate your coupon and start the subscription.  For more details, see Managing your Subscription.  


Already a Subscriber?

If you're already a subscriber but would like to use a coupon for future billing, you can add a coupon to your account on the subscription management page also.  When you log into your account at, you will see the details of your subscription at the top of the page.


You can enter a coupon code in the coupon code box:


When the coupon is entered correctly, the box will turn green and the coupon details will be shown under the box.  Then click APPLY.



The coupon code will remain here until it has been applied towards your next billing.  Only one coupon can be used at a time.  You may need to refresh your browser for your subscription billing details to reflect the coupon discount.  


Already an IOS Apple Pay subscriber?  Cancel your subscription on Apple Pay to manage your account on in order to use coupons.   

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