Who is This Fluffy I Keep Hearing About?


Fluffy is the Team Mascot, cleaner-upper of sorry souls at the back of the peloton, and the general reason we don't want to fall too far behind in a Sufferfest Video.  She has short arms and when she gives hugs, it is normally with her teeth.  Fluffy is a T-Rex that made her one and only appearance in the Video "Revolver".  Ever since then, she has been a prominent figure for Sufferlandrians everywhere.  

Want to meet Fluffy first hand?  Take a shot at Revolver.  When you are starting to feel your legs buckle at the end, Fluffy will be there to give you a nice hug, with her teeth.  Do try to pedal and keep up.  We won't be talking about that Hamster right now, but he is known as the Sufferlandrian Speed Demon and can be found in the videos Violator and Cadence Builds. 


Fluffy made her first appearance in the video "Revolver"


If you look closely in the 2014 ToS Poster, she shows up randomly to motivate



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