Spin Bike Compatibility


Spin bikes that report Power to the app

In order for a Spin bike to have some compatibility with the app, it needs to be able to connect in a way that allows it to report power. Some might report cadence or speed, but power is the minimum requirement for compatibility. These bikes do not connect in a way that the app can control the resistance so power targets will need to be met by manually changing the resistance on the bike itself, usually by using a resistance knob. Some limited information on how to connect these bikes will be provided but please refer to user manuals to find instructions on how to connect to 3rd party apps if further instructions are needed. Any bikes that only connect using ANT+ will require an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridging device to be compatible with the iOS app. For more information, please refer to the Device Connections article.  

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Kettler- not supported






Bowflex C6

The Bowflex C6 should connect to The Sufferfest using Bluetooth Smart to report cadence and speed.  NOTE:  the Bowflex website lists this bike as fully compatible.  It actually reports power also, but the power readings are not correct.



Concept2 BikeErg

The Concept2 BikeErg is compatible with the Sufferfest Training Center. It sends an ANT+ FE-C signal for power and an ANT+ speed and cadence signal. This is not a true ERG control bike like the Wahoo Kickr Bike or Wattbike Atom. The user still needs to adjust the damper to control the resistance. You will also need the PM5 head unit to work with the Sufferfest Training App.  Note: The bike will connect using Bluetooth but will only give average power, not a power reading, thus is not supported.  



CycleOps Indoor Cycles

The Cycleops 300 and 400 models should transmit as a power meter using an ANT+ connection. Any models from 2012 or earlier will not work.  



The Cycleops Phantom 500 will display power with The Sufferfest Training System. However, we cannot control the power on this bike unless CycleOps adds FE-C trainer control software. Their communications software is built specifically for the CycleOps Virtual Training App. (ANT+ connection only)





ICG Spin Bikes

The ICG IC6, IC7, and IC8 indoor cycles will transmit power and cadence from their head units using the ANT+ signal. We do not know at this time if speed or distance is also sent to our training App. 




Keiser Indoor Spin Cycles

The older Keiser bicycles do not transmit any data, so you cannot connect directly to The Sufferfest Training System. The new M3i does transmit data over Bluetooth but you will need to purchase the M Series converter in order for the app to pick up the signal. To connect the M3i, please check out the following article:  Connecting your Keiser M3i




Precor Spinner Chrono Power

The Spinner Chrono Power indoor spin bike is compatible with the Sufferfest App using ANT+.



Schwinn AC Performance Cycles

At this time, Schwinn does not transmit power data with its Echelon 1 Head Unit. Their console is only a receiving station and their bicycles will not work with The Sufferfest Training System. However, the new Echelon 2 head unit will transmit power and cadence data over ANT+ Channels.  



Schwinn IC4/IC8 (US/UK)

This bike is identical to the Bowflex C6.  Please see the details about this bike at the top of this list.  


Stages Cycling

Stages is well-known for its crank-based power meters. They also make indoor cycling bicycles at a variety of price points and feature sets. Please note that the StagesBike is fully compatible with the app. More details can be found in this article.  

Stages SC1 & SC2

The SC1 is Stage's entry-level indoor cycling model. It does not come standard with a power meter. You will need to upgrade to the power meter option in order to use the SC1 with The Sufferfest Training System. The Stages SC2 is a more full-featured version of the SC1. However, just like the SC1 the SC2 lacks an integrated power meter. You will need to upgrade to a Stages crank-based power meter to transmit power data to The Sufferfest Training System.

Stages SC3

The Stages SC3 comes standard with a crank-based power meter and a head unit to display cycling data.  This bicycle will work directly with The Sufferfest Training System, no upgrades required.  ***You will need to keep the SC3 Console turned off for The Sufferfest App to connect to the Stages Power Meter***




Wattbike Trainers

The Wattbike Pro Trainer with the B Headunit is compatible with The Sufferfest training system. If you have the A Headunit, you will need the upgrade in order to connect. For detailed information on connecting the Wattbike Pro Trainer, see the following help article:  Connecting your Wattbike Pro Trainer




The Wattbike Atom is fully compatible with The Sufferfest app. More details can be found in this article:  Smart Bike Compatibility.


ANT+ only bikes and iOS 

In order to connect ANT+ only bikes to the app on iOS, a bridging device will be needed. We recommend the CABLE by NPE. For more details, please read the following article: Connecting ANT+ Devices.  




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