The 'Workouts' Tab


The 'Workouts' tab of The Sufferfest app is where you will come to select which workout you want to do.  There are a lot of options here so let's break things down a bit below...



1. Video Sorting Filters

If you are looking for a particular video you can use these filters to narrow down the video list.  The filtering options will change depending on which types of videos you see in the video list.  You can change the types of videos listed by using the 'Video Type Filters' (number '6' below).

2. The Navigation Menu

This menu is present on every screen of the app.  The only time you won't be able to navigate the app from here is when you are in a workout.

3. Play Button

You can play the video from two different areas on this screen; the small play button found in the 'Video Title & Summary' Box (number '5' below) or to the right of the video above 'The Workout & Video Description' (number '7' below).

4. Download Button

Click this button to download your video for offline use.

5. Video Title & Data Summary

Here you see a brief summary of the workout.  We list (left to right) workout duration, category, TSS, and IF.  You will also find the play and download button on the far right of the box.

6. Video Type Filters

Click these buttons to change the types of workouts that you see in the workouts list.  You can choose from Cycling, Mental Toughness, Yoga, Strength, and Running workout videos.

7. Workout & Video Description

Here you will find a more in-depth description of the workout.

  • 4DP Focus - This graph shows how much the workout will focus on each of the 4DP metrics
  • Workout Stats - Workout duration, how many times you have done this workout, the workout's category, and the date that you last did the workout
  • Workout Graph - For our cycling workouts you will see a graph of the workout with each effort highlighted in the color of the corresponding 4DP metric
  • Description - A more in-depth summary of what you have gotten yourself into, usually, with a bit of science thrown in
  • Featured Footage - The professional race footage that is featured in the workout video


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