Suffering With Yoga


Yoga isn’t just for the patchouli-scented set. It also isn’t tied to any kind of spiritual practice and doesn’t require you to grow a beard or join a drum circle. Though it is low impact, yoga helps develop real, functional strength in a way that just riding your bike can't. 

Elite athletes, especially in endurance sports like cycling, routinely adopt yoga as part of their regular training routine. Yoga develops power, flexibility, balance and agility, as well as increasing your ability to focus. All of those skills transmit directly to being a better bike rider, whether you’re set on dominating the local TT or crushing the cyclocross course. Who doesn’t want better power on the bike, the ability to stay in an efficient, aero position without pain, or cat-like reflexes that allow you to stay upright while your competitors flounder in the sandpit.

The strength gains and improved range of motion that yoga facilitates also help prevent injury and speed recovery. That means less time spent convalescing and more time spent making your competitors beg for mercy. Talk to any coach or sports scientists and you’ll hear the same refrain: gains are made during rest and recovery. If you don’t recover properly, cumulative fatigue will start to wear you down, preventing you from getting the most out of your workouts. Less Return on Suffering? No. Thank. You. 

The Sufferfest Yoga for Cyclists with Yoga 15: Sample from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

Subscribers to The Sufferfest Training Centre App have access to 30 videos of routines developed by Abi Carver specifically for cyclists. These routines are designed to strengthen notoriously weak areas for cyclists—core, back, and upper body— as well as improve overall flexibility, posture, balance, and focus. Additional breathing and meditation exercises will help you quash those pre-race nerves, allowing you to find the calm before the storm and deliver your best performance when it matters most. On the road or stuck in the office? The Yoga in Couchlandria sessions are just the ticket, whether you’re travelling or putting in long hours at work.


Now, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have the time for yoga.” Think again. Just as The Sufferfest workouts are designed to give you maximum benefit in a short amount of time, so is the Yoga for Cyclists Programme. Most of The Sufferfest yoga sessions are 15 minutes or less, making them perfect for the time-crunched Sufferlandrian looking to improve full-body strength and flexibility.

They’re also performance-oriented, getting you straight to the exercises that matter without any fuss. You’ll easily be able to fit them in at home a few times a week, without having to stare at some stranger’s Downward Dog in a crowded yoga studio.

Even better: if you’re using one of The Sufferfest training plans that are now included free with your app subscription, you’ll find that Abi and Mac Cassin at SUFCoaching have integrated the Yoga for Cyclists Programme into each plan. We make it easy. All (all?) you have to do is Suffer, Yoga, Breathe, Dominate.


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