Where Sufferlandrians Gather and Talk


Where do all these bold men and women discuss their exploits of Suffering?  Want to brag about how you not only found your suitcase of courage in the SUF Mines, but you destroyed The Shovel?  Or, maybe you have some questions about the training plans and want to see what other Sufferlandrians are doing.  Below are the links to the places most of these courageous men and women hang out and talk.  


The Sufferfest has a few group pages on Facebook.  There is the Sufferlandria Facebook page which is the race village of sorts for our annual Tour of Sufferlandria.  Sufferlandrians stay very active on this page all year.  We have the Sufferlandrian Knighthood Quest Planning Committee where you can get advice for your Knighthood attempt and make sure you have everything set up correctly.  Lastly, we have a private group just for our brave Knights who have taken up the ultimate challenge of riding 10 Sufferfest Videos back to back.  This is a private group and not accessible to anyone else.  


We also have a Forum.  The forum is hosted by Discourse and can be accessed on a mobile device using the Discourse app or from the website.  You'll need to create a new login for this account.  The forum is no longer linked to the Help Center, so if you can't get an answer to your questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email!  TheMinions@thesufferfest.com is always an option!   




Social Media Tags

The last way to interact with other Sufferlandrians and The Sufferfest directly is on our social media channels.  Here is a quick list of where you can find us:

Social Tags:  You can tag us on social media by using @thesufferfest or using the hashtag #thesufferfest.  


Step on over to the Official Sufferfest Podcast, directed by none other than Grunter Von Agony and Dylan Robbins.  You can navigate to our podcasts where we talk about all things Suffering and Training to Suffer.  It is Radio Free Sufferlandria, Where Everyone Knows Your Pain!  


We do monitor our social channels 24/7.  If you do have a quick question please reach out and say hello.  




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