Power Meters and Smart Trainer connections


Many of you have both a smart trainer and a power meter and are wondering how to connect them to the app.  At this time, we do not offer the ability to power match using the app.  Until that feature becomes available, this article will explain the options that you have.

Available Connections

When looking at the device connections tab, in the Add Devices box, you'll see I have two options here to connect:  a smart trainer (Wahoo Kickr) and a power meter (Assioma)


You cannot connect both to the app and expect perfect trainer control. While some claim it might work, if you are struggling with poor trainer control from the app, this is probably why.

Here are your options for connections:

Smart Trainer Control

If you would like to use ERG, this is how you must connect your trainer:


Both the control and the power icons must appear on your smart trainer.  Also, note that the power meter is not connected and remains in the Devices to Connect box.  

This connection will also allow you to switch between ERG and Level Mode.  

For more information on connecting a smart trainer, please follow this link:

Device Connections

Power Meter Display

If you choose this setting, you will not have ERG control from your trainer or any levels for Level Mode. The app will read the power from your power meter and display it onscreen.  


For more information on how to properly set up a power meter to use this way, please see these articles:

Connecting Power Meters in iOS

Connecting Power Meters to Windows and Mac

Virtual Watts Users

If you are a Virtual Watts user and you have a power meter, we recommend you use the power meter as described above and not use Virtual Watts.  This will give you more accuracy.



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