The 'Training Plans' Tab - Select Your Training Plan


The Training Plans Tab is where you want to be when it's time to apply a training plan to your calendar.  Here is an overview of what to expect here.  

Due to screen size limitations, the Plans tab works a bit differently on mobile devices.  The instructions for navigating training plans on mobile devices are at the bottom of this article.



1. The Navigation Menu

This menu is present on every screen of the app.  The only time you won't be able to navigate the app from here is when you are in a workout.

2. Training Plan Categories and Groups

When you first visit the Training Plans tab of the app you will see a welcome page with some information about our integrated training plans and how they work.  On the left side of the page, you will see the plan categories and groups.  The categories are in black.  Selecting a category will then show the groups that are within the selected category in blue.  Once you select a group you will see plan customization box appear.

3. Plan Customization Box

The plan customization box is where the magic happens!  Here you can select the following:



  • Novice 
    • 3-5 hours of training per week
    • 2 weeks "on" 1 week "off"
  • Intermediate
    • 3-6 hours of training per week
    • 2 weeks "on" 1 week "off"
  • Advanced
    • 4-9 hours of training per week
    • 3 weeks "on" 1 week "off"



  • Indoor
    • All workouts completed within The Sufferfest app 
  • Indoor & Outdoor
    • Workouts completed within The Sufferfest app and also outside (outside rides aren't available for export at this time)
  • Indoor Only, With Strength
    • All workouts completed within The Sufferfest app

Mental Toughness


  • Want to Strengthen your mind too?  Add the MTP!



Yoga options will change the level of difficulty for the yoga sessions within your plan

Schedule Plan


  • From Start
    • Your plan will start on the date that you select
    • Our plans are designed to be started on Monday
  • From Finish
    • Your plan will end on the date that you select
    • Our plans are designed to finish on a Sunday
    • We don't recommend starting a plan in the middle or selecting an End Date that is less than 5 weeks from today

Start/Finish Date


Select the date that you want your plan to start or finish on according to the option that you selected in the Schedule Plan section of the Customization Box.

Select Plan


Once you are happy with your plan options click the Select Plan button to add the plan to your calendar.  HERE WE GO!!

4. Plan Overview

Below the Plan Customization Box is a summary of what you can expect from your chosen plan.  Here you will see:

  • Goal
    • What the plan is designed to help you accomplish
  • Best For
    • Make sure that the plan you are selecting fits your fitness level and available time
  • Training Blocks
    • How many build weeks before you have a recovery week
  • Plan Ends With
    • See if your selected plan ends with a fitness test or a planned event
  • Special Notes
    • Important information from our coaches about the plan that you have built

5. Plan Preview

You can now see a preview of your entire plan!


Mobile View

When you load the plans tab on a mobile device you will notice that it loads with the calendar first.


Choose the menu icon (the three dots next to Help) to being up the training plans menu.  Select Training Plans to open the plan customization options.


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