Bluetooth Isn't Working: Troubleshooting Steps


General Troubleshooting

If your Bluetooth devices are having a hard time connecting to The Sufferfest app please try the following.

  1. Check your sensor's battery and replace if you are in doubt of its charge
  2. Check your sensor's firmware and make sure that it is on the latest version from the manufacturer
  3. Make sure that no other apps are open on any of your devices (even your cycling computer) that may be trying to connect to the sensor via Bluetooth.  This can also include The Sufferfest app running on another device.  Bluetooth connections can not be shared.  Kill any apps that may be trying to connect to your sensor.
    1. To quit apps on iOS follow the steps in this article.
    2. For Windows, you can open the Task Manager and close any other programs that are still running.
    3. For Mac, you need to use Command (⌘)-Q to close applications.
  4. Also, check your device's Bluetooth menu in settings.  Your sensor should only be connecting to your device using The Sufferfest app.  We don't want it connected to your device in this Bluetooth settings menu or it won't work correctly.
  5. Check with your sensor's manufacturer to see if there is a way to reset the sensor.  If this is a smart trainer just unplug it from power and then plug it back in.

Once you have checked the items above, if you are still having troubles please try the following.

  1. Open The Sufferfest app, start a workout, and open the device connections menu
  2. Tell the app to forget the connection to all of your sensors
  3. Restart your device
  4. Re-open The Sufferfest app
  5. Re-connect your sensors using the steps in the device connections menu
  6. If you are still struggling email


If you are not seeing Bluetooth "On" in your device connections screen the first thing to check will be that Bluetooth is switched "On" in your Bluetooth Settings. Next, you will need to go to your iOS Settings->The Sufferfest and make sure you have allowed The Sufferfest to access Bluetooth on your device.



Bluetooth is relatively new for us on Windows.  Please first check our minimum requirements to make sure that your Windows device is compatible with The Sufferfest app.

There are cases where the device meets the system requirements but Bluetooth still doesn't work.  This is typically in issue with the combination of the particular Bluetooth radio in the device and/or its drivers not working properly in combination with The Sufferfest app.  We plan to investigate some of these cases soon but, unfortunately, there are cases where we can't offer a Bluetooth solution on Windows at this point.

If this is affecting you there is still hope.  The workaround is to use Ant+.  Check out this article for some more information on how that works.

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