Compatible Sensors & Power Meters


One of the benefits of The Sufferfest app is the seamless integration of power, cadence, speed, and heart rate data, allowing you to train smarter and maximise your Return on Suffering. In order to take advantage of this functionality, you need to ensure your sensors are compatible. There are two types of ways sensors can connect:

  • ANT+ (only available on Windows and MacOS app platforms)
  • Bluetooth Smart (also called Bluetooth LE or BLE)- necessary for iOS

Some sensors transmit simultaneously over both protocols, making it easier to connect to a wide variety of devices. Unfortunately, some manufacturers opt not to use these open standards, choosing instead to design their sensors to work only with their own software. If you don't see your sensor listed below, there may still be hope.  Please, submit a help request here with the make and model of your sensor, being sure to include as much detailed information as possible. You can also contact the manufacturer of your sensor and ask them if they transmit their ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart signal for third party app use.

The Sensors we support








CycleOps (Saris)





Power Meters




Wahoo Fitness


We support all Wahoo Fitness Products.  Wahoo transmits across both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart on open channels that easily accessible with The Sufferfest app. 

  • Wahoo TICKR HR monitor
  • Wahoo TICKR Run HR Monitor
  • Wahoo TICKR X HR Monitor (Cadence Not Compatible with App)
  • Wahoo TICKR Fit
  • Wahoo BLUE SC Speed and Cadence Sensor
  • Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor
  • Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor 
  • Wahoo KICKR Bike
  • Wahoo KICKR
  • Wahoo KICKR Core
  • Wahoo KICKR Snap
  • Wahoo KICKR Climb
  • Wahoo KICKR Headwind
  • Wahoo ELEMNT Rival


Kurt Kinetic


We fully support the following Kurt Kinetic products:

  • Dual Band Heart Rate Monitor
  • InRide 3 Sensor
  • Road Machine Smart 2
  • Rock and Roll Smart 2
  • R1
  • Road Machine Smart
  • Rock and Roll Smart
  • Control Power Unit

We have limited support for the following Kurt Kinetic Products

  • Road Machine Smart Control
  • Rock and Roll Smart Control
  • Smart Control Resistance Unit




We support all Garmin Sensors. You will need an ANT+ dongle or USB stick to connect your Garmin Devices.  For more information on connecting and troubleshooting ANT+ devices, see our Connecting ANT+ Devices guide.


  • Garmin GSC-10
  • Garmin Speed Sensor
  • Garmin Cadence Sensor
  • Garmin Heart Rate Strap
  • Garmin Vector Power Meter
    • Vector 3 pedals will now transmit via Bluetooth after the latest Garmin firmware update
  • Garmin Dual sensors (ANT+ and BLE)  HRM, Speed and Cadence sensors *(please note that these do not always connect reliably using BLE)


The Magene Bike Speed/Cadence 2-in-1 sensors are compatible with the app using ANT+ and Bluetooth technology.  Please follow the instructions to set your sensors up as either speed or cadence, as required. 





We only support the ANT+ heart rate belt OS X.  The ANT+ Suunto Heart belt will not work with our Windows App.  The Suunto basic heart rate belt does not broadcast on an open ANT+ channel and doesn't work with any of our Apps.  

  • Suunto Bluetooth HR Sensor works for OS X only.  
  • Suunto Speed and Cadence Sensor will work for all Apps. 



The Viiiiva HRM is compatible as a heart rate monitor and as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge.  For more information on the bridging compatibility, please read this article:  The 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor - Ant+ to Bluetooth Bridge




  • Polar Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensors 
  • Polar H10 HR Strap Bluetooth
  • Polar H7 HR Strap Bluetooth 


CycleOps/ Saris


We can connect to CycleOps sensors only if they are broadcasting over open ANT+ Channels.  Please contact Cycleops to see if your specific series of sensors is broadcasting an open ANT+ Signal.  Older CycleOps sensors broadcast over ANT (non +) only and we are not compatible. 

  • Cycleops HR Monitor
  • Cyclops Speed/Cadence sensors



The new Panobike sensors are transmitting via Bluetooth 4.0 and are supported.

  • Panobike HR Monitor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)
  • Panobike Speed and Cadence Sensor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)



We support the Bontranger ANT+ and BT sensors. 

  • Bontranger HR Monitor
  • Bontranger Speed and Cadence sensor
  • Bontranger DuoTrap



We support the Bluetooth enabled Jarv sensors. 

  • Jarv Bluetooth 4.0 Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)
  • Jarv Run BT Premium Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Heart Rate Sensor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)


Other sensors

BRAGI DASH Headphones

The Sufferfest Training Centre is compatible with the Bragi Dash Headphones.  Users must make sure they are using the left earphone to pair the Bluetooth Heart Rate sensor.  The right earphone is used to pair the audio.  

Jabra Elite Sports Earbugs

These will transmit Heart Rate Data and the signal is picked up by the App.  


Compatible Power Meters

(* indicates via ANT+ connection only. Bluetooth Smart not currently supported for those models)


  • Stages

  • *Quarq

  • *SRM (See Special Notes below)

  • Garmin Vector 

  • *Rotor

  • *Pioneer (See Special notes Below)

  • *Power2Max

  • *PowerTap (includes PowerCal)

  • PowerTap C1

  • *PowerTap P1 (We do not support the PowerTap P1S)

  • *Brim Brothers

  • *Pioneer

  • *Verve Info Crank

  • *bePro

  • Favero Assioma Duo and Uno 

  • 4iiii
  • Any ANT+ or BLTE Power Meter

(Special Notes)  SRM is currently only "conditionally" supported, and then only with more recent models. Some of the newer SRM models may broadcast power-only messages that can be read by The Sufferfest app. Older SRM models only broadcast CTF (Crank Torque Frequency) messages that The Sufferfest app does not support.  We will not be supporting the older SRM communication protocol. 

(Special Notes) Pioneer units operate in two modes, Pedal Monitor Mode and Power Meter Mode.  The Sufferfest Training Centre cannot read the unit if it is in Pedal Monitor Mode, only the Cyclocomputer can read that code.  You will need to put your Pioneer in Power Meter Mode.  That will have it transmit a standard power meter signal over ANT+.  To change the mode you need to press and hold the white button that sits below the coin battery until it flashes (about 2secs). 

For more information on how to use Power Meters with The Sufferfest app, please refer to the following help articles:

Power Meters and Smart Trainer connections

Power Meters (Windows and Mac)

Power Meters (iOS)

If you need further help, please submit a help request here.


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