Can I Use Strength Training for Triathlons?


Our coaches have designed triathlon plans that do and do not include strength training. Below is important information regarding how to use these plans:

Plans WITH Strength Training

These plans do NOT end on race day, they will end with fitness testing. They are meant to be used in the off-season to build strength. They have been specifically optimized for use with the strength training program. They take into account the additional fatigue that comes with strength training and the other workouts have been adjusted accordingly.

We do NOT recommend using these plans to lead into your race.

Plans WITHOUT Strength Training

These plans DO end on race day. As you prepare for your race, the focus needs to be on swimming, biking, and running and it is not advised that you add in strength training. Adding in strength training can lead to over-training and injury. Trust the plan and we will help you get to the start line ready to crush the competition!

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