Troubleshooting Volume On The Sufferfest App


Hello Sufferlandrians!  If you are reading this article, you are having problems hearing the Sufferfest on the App.  This is unacceptable!  To fully immerse yourself in the Sufferfest video, you must be able to also hear the great soundtracks we have selected.  

Internet Speed

Slow internet speeds are normally responsible for the loss of video or audio in streaming mode.  You can go here to check your download speeds.  Download speed near or below 10mbps will have a hard time streaming videos.  In this case, a Sufferlandrian has the option to download videos for offline use. This will help stabilize video and audio during your workout.  For more information on how to download videos for offline use go to our article: The 'Workouts' Tab

Other Apps

On an iOS device, opening another app with audio output will override the audio output of The Sufferfest App.  This can even include apps with notification alerts.  If you can't hear The Sufferfest App's audio try killing your other apps and restarting.


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