Power Meters (iOS)


Prior to connecting any power meter to the app, you will need to ensure that you have correctly configured that power meter using its own software and that the firmware is up to date.  Single-sided power meters may need to be configured so that they double the power from one side rather than try to pair with a second pedal, and dual-sided power meters may need to be configured so that they are paired and report combined power as a single device if possible.  The ability to connect the power meters as two separate devices is possible on iPhone and iPad if this is required to get proper readings from your device.

How to connect

Single-sided power meters and Dual-Sided power meters that are set up to report unified power will show up in the Add Devices box with only one possible connection. However, they may present with 2 power icons when added to the connections box.  Please select the power icon with the L next to it if it appears.   





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If you have any questions, or if your power does not seem to be reporting correctly, please submit a help request here.


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