Types Of Sufferfest Workouts


Sufferfest workouts get results. Every session is developed by elite coaches and sports scientists to provide maximum benefit with minimum time. Our expanding library of cycling workouts fall into nine categories: Fitness Tests, Endurance, Climbing, Style, Time Trial, Speed, Race Simulation, Drills, and Base. There are also running and triathlon-specific workouts so you can dominate across disciplines. To get a better sense of the workouts in each category, including fitness outcomes and a representative ride profile, read on. 


Our fitness test, Full Frontal, is a very specific workout to determine your fitness level. It requires connection to heart rate monitor, power meter, or conventional trainer with speed sensor (virtual power) to capture your performance data. 


Fitness OutcomeClear picture of where your fitness is so the app can set appropriate, personal targets for all workouts. Will determine your Four-Dimensional Power Profile including Neuromuscular, Anaerobic, Maximal Aerobic, and Functional Threshold powers. Learn about our fitness tests


Typically based on longer effort intervals (more than 8 minutes) and with a workout longer than one hour.


Fitness OutcomeAbility to sustain a high workload over varied terrain and over a prolonged period of time. Excellent mental training as well.


Repeated efforts, in and out of the saddle, with heavy resistance at a lower cadence.


Fitness OutcomeIncrease in power, muscular strength, and stability resulting in improved climbing ability.


Drills to improve ‘how’ you ride - form, style, and efficiency. Focus on pedal stroke, relaxed position, and stability. Essential for beginners and useful for experienced riders.


Fitness OutcomeMore efficiency through more effective on-bike positions.


Long efforts of high, steady efforts with frequent surges and pace increases.


Fitness Outcome: Ability to produce a high, sustained effort at a high cadence on the flats.


Focused on short intervals, typically from 15 seconds to 4 minutes. Efforts are very high to maximum.


Fitness OutcomeIncreases in maximum power, sprinting, and anaerobic ability over short distances.


These mimic the efforts and excitement of a bike race. Typically, they have many surges, sprints, and climbs with minimal recovery.


Fitness OutcomeAbility to make many different kinds of high-intensity efforts and recover from them.


These videos are built specifically for our training plans.  They cover specific portions of cycling training that are very necessary for becoming stronger on the bike and crushing your competition. 


Fitness Outcome: These drills are preparation efforts that get you ready for harder efforts in the future.  


At the Sufferfest, we understand that sometimes you need to slow down a bit to fully reap the benefits and adaptations that come with hard training.  Our Base videos focus on Sweet Spot work with great scenery. 


Fitness Outcome: Working below threshold to allow you to recover from the previous training days efforts while still obtaining some training stress for further improvement. 


You never want to go into a race cold.  We developed this video specifically as a race warm-up video or a video you can do before you get into your primary workout video. 


Fitness Outcome: Injury prevention and performance maximization prior to a race event.  


Our running workouts can be used on a treadmill.  They are specifically designed as interval workouts for runners.  


Fitness Outcome: Increase Anaerobic capacity as a runner.  These workouts are primarily designed to increase your speed as a runner.  


It is important, as a triathlete, to do Brick workouts.  This means you practice using the different muscles in your legs as you transition from the run to the bike. 


Fitness Outcome: Increases Triathletes efficiency through the practice of transitions.  


Foundation of a well-rounded training plan.  Stretching is one of the most overlooked, yet most beneficial things an athlete can do. We hired on Abi Carver to lead us in short, but specific Yoga activities for the time-crunched athlete.  


Fitness Outcome: Better running and cycling efficiency through stretching which increases our range of motion and overall muscular power.   


The exercises in The Sufferfest Strength Training for Cyclists programme were specifically designed to mimic the kind of movements you experience on the bike, with additional focus on core and upper body strength.

Fitness Outcome: Your body will get better at recruiting more muscle fibers for speed, endurance, and efficiency.  Your core will get stronger helping you to be more stable while increasing your power output.  Bike handling and balance will improve.  Your chance of injury is reduced and it will help break through fitness plateaus.



Elite athletes know the importance of mental strength. They know that achieving their athletic potential and delivering a winning performance isn’t just about physical conditioning, it’s a state of mind. They build mental toughness so they can get the most out of their training and deliver when it really counts.

Fitness Outcome: Mental Toughness Training will teach you to keep going when your body doesn't want to.  It will help you to hop out of bed easier to get the work done when you would rather keep sleeping.  You will see opportunities instead of obstacles.  You will be better at believing in yourself which will help you to set the bar higher.

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