The Sufferfest/Zwift or other platform combo


There are some Sufferlandrians out there who like to use multiple platforms at once.  The most popular of these being Zwift.   There are several ways this can be done, but you'll need to ensure that there are no shared connections between the trainer, sensors and the apps.  


Windows or Mac, both apps on the same device

If you're using a laptop and running both apps simultaneously, 



Each Application will need its own ANT + dongle.  That means, if you want to run the Sufferfest App while capturing your data on Zwift at the same time, you will need one ANT + connector for each App. 


NOTE:   Only one app can be in control of your trainer.  The other app must be in a passive or record only mode. 


You may be able to use Bluetooth connections on one platform, but you must use ANT+ for the other platform.  This may be unreliable when both apps are running on the same device.


iOS- you must have 2 devices 

If you would like to run SUF and Zwift at the same time on iOS, you must have a second device and that second device must be a computer that is using ANT+ connections.  IOS can only make Bluetooth connections, and Bluetooth connections can't be shared from one platform to another.  We do not recommend the use of ANT+ to Bluetooth bridging devices in this type of setup.


If you run into trainer control issues, or dropped signals, we recommend turning off Zwift and running only SUF.  

If you need further help, please submit a help request here.

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