Navigating The iOS App


Navigating the iOS App is slightly different from navigating the desktop app. Let's take a quick tour so you can find all of the information you need to maximize your Suffering! 


This is what you will see when you open the app or click on the "Video" tab at the bottom of the screen. There may be a different image on the right, we will use that space to provide information about challenges and other important announcements. You'll be able to choose your workout from the video list on the left. Clicking on the "Cycling" icon at the top of the video list will provide you with a drop-down menu to let you choose from yoga, strength training, mental toughness, and running sessions. Click on the category you want to use and the video list will switch over to show those workouts. You can also make other changes to how the videos are sorted. Clicking "All" will allow you to filter the workouts to Sufferfest videos or NoVid workouts. The "Alphabetical" button will give you different sorting options.



There are three sections within your Passport page; Profile, Activities, and Achievements.

  1. Profile: Once you complete your Full Frontal test, the app will generate a rider profile for you. Here you can see your rider type and area of weakness, as well as your results from the most current test. Scrolling down a bit further will give you suggestions for workouts that will address your area of weakness or help to improve your strength.


  2. Activities: This is where you can find a full history of the activities that you have completed. They will be listed by date but you can also sort them by activity type, or search for a specific activity by clicking on the magnifying glass.


  3. Achievements: Everyone loves to earn badges, and the Awards section is where you can come to bask in the glory of your accomplishments! You'll also be able to see your sessions completed and badass power records.



Training Plans and Calendar Tabs

The Training Plans tab contains links to Training Plans, the Calendar, the Challenges dashboard and some help links.  For more information about this, check out the following help articles:

Training Plans







This is an important page, you'll want to double-check that all of your information here is correct. On this page you can:

  1. Update your personal information
  2. Double-check that your 4DP metrics and LTHR are correct
  3. Set up your links to other platforms for sharing ride data
  4. Check the used and available space for video downloads
  5. Manage your subscription
  6. Log out of the app




Finally, we come to our Help page. The links here will get you to our Help Center (where you are now), allow you to contact The Minions directly from your app, and at the very bottom, you can also find the version number that you are currently using.






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