Running and Triathlon Workouts


Under the Running and Triathlon Workout tab, there are 4 workouts available.  Three of them are running workouts with video, and the 4th, Chrysalis, is a No-Vid workout that is meant to be done using both cycling and running.  These workouts are designed for treadmill use.  


These workouts are based on RPE and onscreen instructions during the workout.  You can connect a compatible heart rate monitor and the Stryd running pod, but these are not necessary.  

Here we have the Stryd pod connected via Bluetooth. If you are a regular user of Stryd power, then seeing the power data on the screen will have some usefulness for you, however, it will not match the on-screen targets.  The app is using power data and speed calculations based on cycling, so that data will be miscalculated when used in running.  The Stryd will report Power and Cadence properly.  However, please understand and accept that speed and distance calculations will not be accurate or even close to being accurate.  


You can set up your display to hide the data that will be inaccurate, or not useful in the display settings.  Pace/Speed should be controlled and set on the treadmill, not using app data.


There will be lots of on-screen instructions and useful information:

The workout plan:


Treadmill adjustments:  You will see a slope gradient on the screen.  This should match the incline on your treadmill.  


More workout cues:


And some valuable training cues on how fast you should be running:  


The RPE targets will also help guide your efforts.  For more information about RPE, check out this link:

Perceived Exertion: The RPE scale

Any questions?  Let us know, submit a help request here.


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