Managing your App Settings


Once your account has been created, the information that you've provided and all of your settings can be managed from the desktop app, or from if you're using iOS.  Click on the letter in the top right corner to see the settings in the drop-down menu:

Desktop app view:



Browser view (


The menus will differ slightly between the app and the website, but this article will describe each section.

Your Profile

This page will allow you to manage your personal information including your email address.  

note:  the Application and Shortcut links will only appear in the desktop app, and not on the website.  



Scroll down to change Units and Language preferences.  Please note that Spanish is the only other language option available at this time.  Only the navigation settings in the app will be changed.  All workouts will still be in their original English version.  

All of your data can also be downloaded to your computer or device.  The data will be sent in a .CSV file and is best viewed in a spreadsheet app.  



Manage Subscription

This section is covered in depth in the following articles:

Managing your Subscription

Apple Pay and In App Purchases (iOS)

Cancelling Your Subscription

Coupons and Free Trials

Apple Pay FAQs


Workout Settings

You can edit your 4DP settings and update your LTHR from this screen.  Check out  How To Edit Your 4DP.  for more details.  




Application settings relating to app performance and video downloads can be found in this tab.  For more information, check out the Streaming And Downloaded Video Issues article.




The desktop app has keyboard shortcuts available for easy navigation of the app without the use of a mouse or trackpad.  This makes navigating and changing settings easier during a workout.  





Sharing from the app to Garmin Connect, Strava, TrainingPeaks, Today's Plan and Final Surge can be set up by following the instructions found here:  Sharing to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and Email

If you'd like to share your data to a platform that we don't link to directly, please select the SEND TO YOUR EMAIL option.  You will receive an email with links to the .TCX file and the .FIT file that you can manually upload to these platforms.



Switch Accounts

If you share your device with more than one user, you can switch from one account to the other using this link in the drop-down menu.  Please note that this option does not appear in the sidebar.  You can easily identify which account is active by the letter in the circle in the top right corner.  It should be the first letter of your first name.  

Manage_app_settings_9.png Manage_app_settings_10.png


Log Out

This is probably one of the most important links in the app or website.  If you are troubleshooting any issues, you will probably be asked by the Minions to log out of the app.  

For more information, check out the following article:  How to Log Out of the App



Some settings can be managed from the iOS app directly.  For more information, check out this article:  Navigating The iOS App.  

You can choose to manage them in the app or on the web at  If ever there is a discrepancy from one to the other, please log out of the app on your iOS device and log back in again.  How to Log Out of the App.


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