How to capture support files (Windows and Mac applications)


In the event of an app malfunction or crash, the Minions in SUF Support may request support files to be sent from your computer.  These are the steps to capturing and sending those support files.  There is no need to send in support files if they have not been requested by the Minions.  

Step 1


With the app open, click on Help in the top bar, and then select Capture Support files from the drop-down box.


On Windows:  Click on the three bars (hamburger icon) in the top left corner, then select Help--> Capture Support Files.



Step 2

Once you've clicked on Capture Support Files, the app may flash a bit and jump through a few screens as it gathers the necessary information.  Eventually, it should launch an email file that looks like this:

This email will be autogenerated.  Do not change any information on this email, except to add an address in the Cc: box if you've been asked to do that by your support Minion.  

Be sure to SEND this email!  We will be waiting for it.  



Please note that support files are gathered as we are researching the issue you are having.  It may or may not contain the information needed to resolve the issue.  It takes time to review these issues and determine how to fix them.  We thank you for your help and patience.  

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