Using a cycle computer with the Sufferfest app


Most cycle computers will connect to your sensors using ANT+ connections.  This makes it possible to connect your sensors to the app and to a cycling computer at the same time.  There are some special considerations though that you should be aware of when connecting to smart trainers and speed sensors.

Wahoo ELEMNT computers

You can connect your trainer and sensors to the ELEMNT computer directly, or using the ELEMNT companion app to establish the connection.  Once the trainer connects, you will need to ensure that your ELEMNT computer (BOLT, ROAM or ELEMNT) is in Passive Mode.  There's a great help article with video here that will show you how to set this up:  Controlling your Kickr smart trainer with the ELEMNT app.  Be sure to select Passive Mode to prevent the ELEMNT from having any control over your trainer.  

Garmin Cycle computers

For those of you who are connecting your smart trainers to a Garmin Edge 520, 820 or 1000 unit, you must make sure you are connected as a power meter.  You have the option to connect your trainer to an Edge unit as a smart trainer.  This means, that the Garmin Edge unit and the Sufferfest Training System will be fighting for control of your unit.  Only connect your smart trainer as a power meter to the Garmin Edge Unit.  This allows you to still record your data separately from the Sufferfest App. 

Speed and Distance discrepancies

Speed and distance discrepancies will exist between the app and the cycle computer.  Why?  Well, because the cycle computer will be reading speed directly from the trainer or speed sensor, whereas the app will calculate speed based on power, using a formula we call "Suffer Speed".  For more details, check out Virtual Speed - Understanding Speed And Distance Calculations

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